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6 - the heart: name the parts of the human heart 31. C) The floor of the middle ear. 2nd year MBBS anatomy mcqs with explanation 1. 1 Anatomy MCQs for first year mbbs: 2 MCQs From 06 – 10: 3 MCQs From 11 – 15: 4 MCQs From 15 – 20: 5 MCQs From 21 – 25: 6 MCQs From 26 – 30: 7 MCQs From 31 – 40: 8 MCQs From 41 – 45: 9 MCQs From 46 – 50: 9.1 More from my site Our ENT question bank covers all the questions related to above mentioned topics. Let’s find out. ENT Online PG Test / MCQs: Medpgmasters.com offers online test series/MCQs for ENT subject including explanation for a very reasonable price. • Directly behind the isthmus of thyroid gland is: • A Sternohyoid muscle • B Thyrohyoid muscle • C Oesophagus • D Inferior thyroid artery • E Trachea 2. Let’s kill two birds with one stone in this “Anatomia: Torax” quiz by testing your knowledge of the Spanish language as well as your knowledge on the chest within the study of anatomy. What can you tell us about the likes of the spine, the bronchus and much more? The 10 most popular quizzes : 1 - the skeleton: test your knowledge of the bones of the full skeleton. Head and Neck Anatomy 1) Regarding the bones of the skull: a) the middle cranial fossa does not extend to the posterior cranial vault b) the temporal lobe rests on the bony rather than the membranous part of the middle cranial fossa c) the posterior cranial fossa contains the cerebella and lies superior to the tentorium cerebelli Head and Neck Test Questions Gross Anatomy All Cervical Vertebra have a: body spine bifid spinous process carotid tubercle transverse foraman If you rotate your head as in indicating a “no” response, most of the movement occurs at this joint: atlanto-occipital (skull-C1) atlanto-axial (C1-C2) C2-C3 C3-C4 C7-T1 The carotid body and sinus are innervated by this cranial nerve: a. Superior Meatus b. Infundibulum ... Human Anatomy Mcqs Postgraduation Entrance preparation. SET 4: MCQs Test Questions Answers for ENT Dr and Specialists. In which part4 of the ear Otosclerosis occurs? 2 - the brain: can you name the main anatomical areas of the brain?. Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) surgery has traditionally been a difficult and specialised topic in undergraduate medicine and for junior doctors. 3 - the cell: learn the anatomy of a typical human cell. B) The roof of the middle ear. Our online ENT PG tests contains about 160 questions and you can access to this questions for FREE. Many textbooks are too detailed for undergraduate use, or lack self assessment questions to help those wishing to underpin their learning. 4 - the skull: Do you know the bones of the skull?. 1 - ENT mcqs - 1 to 10 1) Maxillary Sinus Opens a. For reading the previous 30 MCQs – Click Here. 73 ... 492 - Chondrosarcoma Mcqs - (ANSWERS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE) 1. A) Lateral wall of the middle ear. 5 - the axial skeleton: How about the bones of the axial skeleton?. Let us start with the frequently asked important MCQs test of ENT Specialization.

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