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These are just a few of the contaminants that will be tested for in your water. This replacement electrode for the PHMETER checker comes with a cloth junction. With a well, these events do not take place. Chlorine levels will be checked, along with levels of nitrates and nitrites. Range: 0 - 14 pH. Are you interested in our process for choosing the best well water test kits? This test kit is great for residential tap and well water hardness evaluation. In rare cases it could also lead to death. That often has something to do with the metals or contaminants that are presently in the water. Value – While you cannot put a price on the safety of your family, we wanted to be sure that every well water testing kit we mentioned offered a fair price for the product being offered. This patented test is a simple dip-and-read test procedure that requires no technical training. ©2018 WATERFILTERDATA.ORG. With all of the things that can harm children and adults alike, it’s worth the small cost to schedule regular testing. 4.4 out of 5 stars 132. This easy to use dip and read test strip detects E.coli, species of Salmonella, Shigella, Enterobacter, Klebsiella and many other coliform and non-coliform bacteria. Measuring for Bacteria, Nitrates, Nitrites, Hydrogen Sulfide, Total Hardness, Total Alkalinity, Total Chlorine, Free Chlorine, Chloride, Copper, Sulfate, Iron, & pH, this test kit gives the user rapid, comprehensive results that help to ensure safe drinking water without sacrificing cost. As previously mentioned, the Safe Home Premium Test Kit will look for 50 contaminants. There is a chance for contamination to occur once it leaves the treatment plant, but the water has been treated. The Safe Home Premium Test Kit is our luxury pick for the best well water test kits because you will receive laboratory results about your water. The best well water test kits check for all kinds of dangers and this includes everything from bacteria to hard water. This test will also look for bacteria, pesticides, and toxins that could come from other areas, like fertilizer. Prepared according to precise formulas and standardized for use with your PHMETER checker, this quality buffer is a NIST standardized reference solution. Depending on the quality of water in your area, you may notice that your water has a particular smell or that it even tastes funny. This portable pH testkit supplies you with fast and accurate readings that are much more precise than litmus paper and standard pH test kits. True to its name, this Bacteria Test can provide reliable on site results in 15 minutes, which can be used for pools, spas, drinking water, lakes, rivers and streams. In addition to testing, we considered product information, brand reputation, and the benefits and limitations of each kit. Detects coliform and non-coliform bacteria at 103 cfu/ml. Don’t like what you see in your test results? Luckily, the best well water test kits test for a variety of common and some not some common contaminants to make sure you and your family are safe when it comes to the water in your home. We like to share product recommendations with you and hope you like them! Our 5-Way water quality tester reports results for Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, pH, Total Alkalinity, & Total Hardness – all on the same strip. On the downside, the results are not instant. You will be able to find out if any of these substances are in your water immediately, but also have the protection for further testing, if you find unsettling results. If you want to do some preliminary instant testing that can be done right from your home, the Safe Home Starter system is one of the best well water testing kits you’ll find. Your water isn’t tested or treated unless the owner of the property does those things. 95. All Rights Reserved © 1997-Present APEC Water Systems, TDS METER Total Dissolved Solids Water Meter/Tester. We also considered price, risk-free guarantee options, and well water test kit reviews along with our personal findings. Leading Supplier TrustSEAL Verified. Not only that, it’s a simple process and all lab fees are included in your purchase. It can only be used one time, so you need to be careful to follow the instructions closely. Water Quality – Clean water tastes better in most cases. First, we made sure to test as many products as possible during our research. We wanted to offer the best well water test kits that also give you the most value, no matter what their cost. 4.0 out of 5 stars 99. Mumbai, Maharashtra. FREE Shipping. This Iron Check test kit is designed to specifically react with Iron, without interference from other heavy metals that may be present. With the US EPA imposing new, stricter regulations pertaining to arsenic in drinking water, many of the testing methods currently used today will be rendered inadequate in the future. The digital meter uses an advanced pH sensitive electrode that can be easily unscrewed and replaced with a new probe when worn, thus making it one of the most durable pH meters on the market. Packaged in bottles of 50, this water testing kit proves that quality home water testing can be affordable. Your email address will not be published. Some reasons to consider using a home well water test kit: Health & Safety – Contaminated water can lead to all sorts of health problems. As this is an instant test, you’ll have the results within minutes. This pH meter checker supplies you with fast and accurate readings from 0.00 to 13.00 pH with a resolution of 0.01 pH. When products or services are mentioned, we may use affiliate links that pay us a referral fee. This means that your water is tested and treated for contaminants before it gets to you. Features a large easy-to-read LCD and a simple to perform 2-point calibration. You should be more interested than anyone though, as your well only provides your family with water. These test strips offer a wide range of detection and are calibrated to be both sensitive and accurate. Ideal for use on tap and well water for residential and commercial applications. The following 8 tests are included in the kit: The best way to minimize damage of any sort is to catch it as soon as possible and a home well water test kit will allow you to do that. This meant finding kits that tested for the most contaminants possible. Fast, accurate and lightweight, this compact tester offers 3000 hours of battery life so you won't have to worry about frequent battery replacement. It's calibrated to Environmental Protection Agency standards and designed for simplicity, so you don't need a degree in chemistry to use it. There is no reason to be forced to ingest chemicals and contaminants that are known carcinogens or that cause some other sort of physical ailment. With that in mind, we took into account many well water test kit reviews to get a better idea of how each well water testing kit performed in a variety of situations. This popular 7.01 pH buffer solution is the most widely used among all buffer solutions for pH calibration.

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