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I received the telescope in 2 boxes. Conclusion: Le Meade Lightbridge s'avère etre un tres bon instrument, pour sa transportabilité, son prix ( 998 euros neuf pour un demontable c'est pas mal), sa finition plus que correcte, les possibilités offertes en terme d'observation, sa facilité d'utilisation. The Meade 12" Lightbridge Plus represents a great value in large yet highly portable telescope and is well suited for deep space observation. Saturn Planet crossing the field of view of the telescope in Meade 12" LightBridge Plus Dobsonian Telescope - 204011 . Tout ceci devant malgré tout etre modéré par le … Meade optics consistently outperform telescopes of similar and … Mine was off, and rattling around loose in the "light bucket". Diffraction Limited Optics. The LightBridge™ Plus Telescopes have a modern, sleek design that incorporates a no-tool assembly bu Meade 12" LightBridge Plus Dobsonian. It's not just a big telescope. This 12" Meade Lightbridge does this rather nicely. It's a big telescope that goes anywhere. Accessories include: 2” 26mm Eyepiece (providing 58x magnification), metal red-dot viewfinder to help easily locate objects in the night sky, and 2” to 1.25” adapter to provide the ability to use a wide range of different eyepieces. Meade’s LightBridge™ Series continues its legacy with our LightBridge™ Plus Series Telescopes. This redesigned Dobsonian features enhanced stability and a travel-friendly design. One thing that Meade still needs to work on is designing a mirror cover that actually stays on the mirror during shipping. Unlike hefty solid tube Dobsonians, the LightBridge Plus is easy to assemble and break down in minutes thanks to its open truss-tube design. This large-aperture Dobsonian boasts a 1524mm focal length and an impressive light-gathering ability, resulting in sharp, clear images of planets and deep-space objects alike. Meade has upgraded the original LightBridge design to bring you the LightBridge Plus! SKU: MEA-204011 . Meade’s 12” LightBridge™ Plus offers a 12” (304mm) aperture with 1524mm (f/5) focal length. The 12" LightBridge Plus combines high-quality Meade optics with a fast f/5 Dobsonian reflector design.

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