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Elder by Elder, released 01 January 2008 1. Historia. There are several artists with the name Elder; 1) Elder is a four-piece stoner doom band from Boston, Massachusetts consisting of frontman Nick DiSalvo, bassist Jack Donovan, guitarist/keyboardist Michael Risberg and drummer Georg Edert. Ghost Head 5. [2] . 2 Recorded and mixed by Trevor Vaughn in 2007 in Marion, MA Elder's fifth album continues their odyssey away from their stoner doom roots to a less restricted psychedelic nirvana. If the album that followed Dead Roots Stirring wasn’t so awe-inspiring, then this one would rightly be hailed as Elder’s doom metal masterstroke.It’s here that the group began pulling back on the pummeling riffs to let the songs breathe a bit more. Reflections of a Floating World is Elder's fourth full length album and second LP released via Stickman Records (EU) and Armageddon Label (US). Each of the album's five tracks weigh in at around the ten minute mark, which gives the band ample time to develop the extensive heavy jams that is the major feature of most of them. 1 4. Tocaron en vivo en el Roadburn Festival en el 2013. Elder lanzó su primer álbum "Elder / Queen Elephantine" en 2006; siendo un split álbum con la banda de rock psicódelico Queen Elephantine. Reflections Of A Floating World, Elder’s new album, has six songs spread over about an hour, which is entirely par for the course with this band. They have released five full-length albums … White Walls 2. En 2010 grabaron una sesión en vivo en Valley Homeground en donde tocaron canciones de su álbum homónimo "Elder" y de su álbum inédito "Dead Roots Stirring" del 2011. Riddle of Steel pt. Riddle of Steel pt. Hexe 3.

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