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Her parents married her off as a 3rd wife to a 60-year-old man. Some are beneficial, some have neither benefits nor harms, and some are harmful to a specific group e.g. Discrimination and wars based on cultures are the sole purpose they are deemed as “not so positive”. For instance, relatives will sponsor a child so she can attend school. Stoker, 1s…, Podcast about Gender-Based Violence in Swaziland. Let them share with the rest of the class. The family then turns a blind eye when it becomes apparent the child is being sexually abused by the sponsor. Traditional cultural practices: They reflect values & beliefs held by members of a community for periods often spanning generations. The adult message is “Our children are our future. ", "Dad, after laying the wreath at Eglinton St. George’s Church for today’s online Remembrance Day service. harmful traditional practices in northern Nigeria. Unlike ‘typical’ … From Mawingu’s story, note the following: Effects of harmful cultural practices include: Encourage the students to explore ways of overcoming negative cultural practices. It is important for the young people to embrace alternative rites of passage. The audience was silent as she composed herself. “She spoke from the heart, turning negatives into positives,” he said, adding “The Children’s Protection and Welfare Act states that it is the duty of every community member to report abuse. Some communities have developed different rites of passage that girls go through that do not harm them and are within the. Frustration, loneliness, homesickness … She also talked of the degrading of Swazi culture, when men rape their own children, and parents give away their offspring for financial gain. Her performance was noted by the rest of the speakers at the launch, including Deputy Prime Minister Thembe Masuku. Discrimination and wars based on cultures are the sole purpose they are deemed as “not so positive”. FGM, child marriage. She was speaking out about social ills that children experience. Another harmful cultural practice that needs being discouraged is Kugara nhaka which is the practice of wife inheritance. Tell the students to suggest two people they will tell about alternative rites of passage and explain how they will approach the issue. Some of the motives for forced marriage and/or honour based violence have been identified as 1. families controlling unwanted sexual behaviour or sexual orientation 2. preventing relationships out with the community 3. ensuring care for disabled children or adults 4. protecting the family ‘honour’. "Peekaboo. Anyone who harms a child is harming the nation. “I know, I am a product of a polygamous family,” she disclosed. Culture is known to be profoundly negative in places where the diversity of cultures is not celebrated. Harmful traditional practices (HTPs) exist in many different forms. Guide the class to brainstorm on other alternative rites of passage which young girls and boys can go through to symbolise transition from childhood to adulthood. Harmful traditional practices refer to behaviours and practices which have been committed primarily against women and girls in certain communities and societies for so long that they are considered, or presented by perpetrators, as part of accepted cultural practice. Turning away from the audience, Shongwe tried to hide her tears. Don’t accept gifts, rides or invitations from strangers. Phone: + (254) (20) 2585381, (20) 2585382, (20) 2585383 In the last few decades, as international travel has gotten exponentially easier and animal rights issues more pervasive, harmful cultural practices have come to the forefront of travel concerns.. Activity 1: Analysing a case on Mawingu. A solution, she noted, was activating the culture of Umchwasho where young women are respected and not attacked sexually. And yet, half way through her speech she broke down. Taking a deep breath she continued, speaking of young girls forced to marry men the age of their fathers, and how their lives are a risk because their bodies are not mature enough to carry children. Alternative rites of passage are not inferior to FGM or traditional circumcision. "A race to the bottom with manufacturing "eagles. Some of the rites are religious while others are community-based. Harmful Cultural Practice Harm is the result of the exploitation, violence, abuse and neglect of children and can take many forms, including impacts on children's physical, emotional and behavioural development, their general health, their family and social relationships, their self-esteem, their educational attainment and their aspirations. I’m asking you to report these vultures who prey on children, our most precious asset.” Ask the students to study the picture above and write their interpretation. Such practices are grounded in discriminatory views and beliefs about the role and position of women in Afghan Singing pre-schoolers helped launch the Day of the African Child. Organize the students in pairs, and ask them to share experiences or information on the existing alternative rites of passage that they may have undergone or heard about. She underwent traditional female circumcision because her parents insisted. As far as I am concerned, witch hunting/burning is one of the numerous harmful traditional practices in nigeria targeted against women and children. However, the practice is illegal and harmful. Young people are this country’s future. Based on the issues raised during the meeting, participants agreed to implement a number of strategies, namely, outreach programmes to raise awareness on the effects of harmful cultural practices, involve males to challenge them on negative male masculinities and lobby with them on the transformation of negative social norms by engaging with boys. Harmful traditional practices occur across all sexes, sexual identities and genders. The Children’s Protection and Welfare Act must be put into operation to deter these perpetrators. By the end of this session, the learner should be able to explain effects of harmful cultural practices. The untold psychological trauma caused by this harmful cultural practice can’t be imagined. Harmful traditional practices that affect certain specific population groups such as omen and children are very rampant in Ethiopia. During the circumcision, she bled a lot and also contracted a viral infection, which led to her hospitalization for two months. This practice usually suffices when the widower son-in-law is of a good economic standing so that the deceased wife’s biological family continues to benefit from the wealth …  E-mail: [email protected] Harm them and you harm yourself, and the nation.”. At the Children’s Month launch at Esibayeni Lodge on 10 June, the entire audience was in tears after a young girl spoke. Mawingu is a 15-year-old girl. Live with joy, but also take care. SWAGAA counselors see many cases of child abuse, covering all the situations Shongwe mentioned in her speech and more. Traditional cultural practices reflect values and beliefs held by members of a community for periods often spanning generations. You are Swaziland’s future. Other practices with negative effects that she mentioned were Kulamuta (molestation) and Kuhlanta (when a husband can marry his wife’s younger sister if his wife cannot conceive). Mucai Road Off Ngong Road, P.O Box 43864-00100 GPO, Nairobi-Kenya. Harmful cultural practices affect boys and girls in different ways. It is essential to have an idea about cultural practices of some In this session, you will guide the students to discuss those effects. Female genital mutilation (FGM): Any procedure that involves the partial or total In this session, your role is to guide the learner to appreciate, propagate and practice alternative rites of passage. When Shongwe was finished, she received a standing ovation. Harmful cultural practices affect boys and girls in different ways. Some of the major HTPs […] Children are the lifeblood of the nation and consequently the organization has adopted two messages for this special month. These harmful traditional practices include female genital mutilation (FGM); forced feeding of Widespread harmful traditional practices – child marriage, giving away girls for dispute resolution, forced isolation in the home, exchange marriage and “honour” killings – cause suffering, humiliation and marginalization for millions of Afghan women and girls. These rites enhance the dignity and esteem of the girl and boy child. Swaziland needs to become a safe place for children. She also talked of the degrading of Swazi culture, when men rape their own children, and parents give away their offspring for financial gain. These are forms of domestic and sometimes child abuse. >Food and Nutrition Security and Climate Change, >Emergency and humanitarian assistance Program. She sent a text message on what she is going through to her friend, Nyota, who called 1190 and she has been rescued, and taken to a rescue center. They must inform the chief, the police or a social worker if a child is abused in any way.

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