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We're talking $6.73 for a 70g bar (in the grocery store! ya, i agree, universal is really good for cooking and baking, and a bargain compared to all the others. These two crucial factors make for a cocoa bean that is so rich in flavour and aroma, that chocolatiers around the world go crazy for it. It's hard work eating 21 chocolate bars in less than 30 days, but someone's gotta do it. Beginning in the late eighteenth century, cacao became a strategic commodity in Ecuadorian life. Nacional beans tend to produce floral and/or fruity notes in the finished chocolate products. Robert Brauer, of the chocolate brand Caoni, points out that dark or pure chocolate is consumed by people of 20 years and older. I am trying to find some bars online – I haven’t had it for a fews years now. BUT!!! Cacao contributes more than US$ 700 million to Ecuador´s economy. If excessive consumption becomes an addiction,, it can cause obesity. I like 85% or even 90 so all of these would be too sweet for me. Though I find flavoured chocolates to be unsatisfying in general. If you visit Mindo you can tour their small experimental laboratory and their small-scale garden in which they grow all the things they need to produce their chocolate bars. Ecuador's new black gold may be providing a rather stable future for farmers, while at the same time putting Ecuador back on the chocolate map. Until the late nineteenth century, fertile soil conditions and temperatures, as well as the adequate rainfall on the Ecuadorian coast, made for an ideal setting for producing the finest cacao in the world with excellent levels of productivity: this was known as National Cacao. We also like the fact that this company is a cooperative of native Quichua people and is socially and environmentally responsible- they're Certified Organic and Rainforst Alliance Certified. Hey there! Ecuador: chocolate imports by country 2017 Confectionery and chocolate import volume in the United Kingdom 2003-2019 Most popular chocolate bar brands Germany 2016-2019 Among its greatest strengths, the handmade production techniques and its functional characteristics are most noteworthy. Are you looking to promote your business or destination? In Ecuador, there are plants of more than one hundred years of age that produce fruit with a unique aroma. Republica del Cacao reached out to us after publishing this post and offered us to try more bars after we returned home. Fine flavored “Arriba” cacao, also known as Creole or National, whose characteristic color is yellow. During the twenty years between 1895-1913, the country continued to be the leading exporter of cacao, supplying 15-25% of world demand. Fernanda Crespo allots nearly USD 15 per month to fine chocolate aroma for sampling along with red wine. Listed prices and attraction details may have changed since our visit and initial publication. Heat while stirring to allow the chocolate to melt. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you haven’t hear… Kallari: Our overall favorite Ecuadorian chocolate brand. The texture wasn't as creamy as some of the other bars but it was decent. Some authors even state that cacao was the economic driver that helped finance two great moments in national history: Independence and the Liberal Revolution. Valdivian Gold 72% Cacao: This bar had a very crisp snap and was relatively one-dimensional in terms of flavor. If you talk about chocolate with any Ecuadorian worth their salt, they will quickly point out that Pacari, an Ecuadorian chocolate company, has won dozens of international awards over the past two years, beating out traditional European chocolate makers time and time again. However, many people do not realize that fine chocolate is distinguished by its purity, and more specifically by the flavor and fragrance of the cacao used. We had to see for ourselves what distinguishes Ecuadorian chocolate from bars processed by the premier chocolatiers around the world. Last Updated on September 11, 2020 by Angie. There is truly something unique about this bean and the terroir in Ecuador: attempts at growing Nacional cacao in other countries, even when the plant has thrived, have failed to produce the variety of floral notes achieved in Ecuador. Mindo: This small chocolate maker in Mindo is focused on high quality, innovative products. The first surge in cacao production came in the mid-eighteenth century and acquired a certain dynamism in exports between 1780 and the 1820s, a period that has been called the first cacao “boom”. The second bar we tried was the 75% with coffee nibs. Haven’t tasted the Hoja Verde or all the flavored ones but we have decided on the Valdivian brand (both the 72% and 52%). It is so delicious made into hot chocolate, which is the way we drink it. The following is a summary of the 21 bars we had during our stay in Ecuador. I love the rich taste of the higher percentages. An aromatic chocolate offering an intense cocoa flavour. Exotic gourmet chocolate is a hot commodity in world markets, and Ecuador is meeting the demand with ample supply. If those aren’t available, we fall back on the American brand (didn’t see that on your list). Contains theobromine, which stimulates the generation of endorphins – the hormones of euphoria and joy, Contains serotonin for better brain function. Over the last years, there has been a move to add value to this Ecuadorian product: several fine chocolate brands have managed to break into the most demanding markets of Europe, America and Asia, thereby providing work and more income for local farmers along the value chain. I've told you all of this so that you don't think I'm a gluttonous fat kid for having eaten 21 different Ecuador chocolate bars during our time in the country. According to some people’s testimonies, cacao pulp also has properties allowing it to absorb tumors. © 2020 World of Discovery Media LLC. Also, the flavor of the beans varies depending on the environment in which the beans are grown. Best regards, Sabina. But the real star was their solid chocolate bars. To promote understanding and appreciation of the cultural diversity of communities and their territories which are related to the collection, traditional consumption and production of cacao, as a result of a shared and dynamic historical process. If you like really dark chocolate, you'll probably like this bar, but we felt it was missing the complexity of flavors of other bars with similar cacao content. Break pieces of the cinnamon sticks that are fibrous-looking and add. See and discover other items: fine chocolate, ecuador candy, 70's candy, chocolate fair trade, best chocolates Disclaimer : While we work to ensure that product information is correct, on occasion manufacturers may alter their ingredient lists. The texture was typically chalky, crumbly, and not creamy. Pacari Chocolate was founded in 2002 by Santiago Peralta and Carla Barboto, who own and operate the company. Please check out our Terms and Conditions for more information. About the Author: Angie is a contributing author. El consumo anual per cápita de chocolate en Ecuador oscila entre los 300 y 800 gramos por persona al año, mientras que en Alemania promedia los nueve kilos. It is truly delicious! Many people boil cacao leaves to bathe women who have given birth, because of its warm and replenishing properties.

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