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The bird only breeds in eastern Russia. (See sources below). If you put all three Eagles in one cage namely Philippine Eagle, Harpy Eagle and Stellers Sea Eagle . They can also use visual displays. The Philippine Eagle hunts mostly Flying Lemurs and Palm Civets and, to a lesser extent, small monkeys, squirrels, bats, and rats. The average clutch size is two. Photo: Chris/Flickr/CC by 2.0, https://www.avianreport.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/420x420_Daniel-Garcia_optimized.jpg, https://www.avianreport.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/420x420_Daniel-Garcia_optimized-150x150.jpg. The Harpy Eagle is indeed the heaviest of the three, although the difference in body weight is rather small. It is well established that captive birds are heavier than wild birds. The similarly heavy female Steller’s Sea Eagle feed mainly on dead or live fish, especially Pacific salmon, and to a lesser extent, carcasses found near the coastline. The 15th harpy eagle released in Belize named “. Wingspan- The wingspan of a Steller’s sea eagle ranges from 1.95 m to 2.5 m. Hawk is less powerful because of its size. In terms of power it should be right there. Added to the inherent individual variation among bird measurements is the fact that biologists in the field can obtain these metrics differently. Christopher Helm, London, UK. Understanding Eagle Weight, Length, and Wingspan. Hi, very interesting topic and information, thank you. Variations in these metrics can make a comparison between eagle species less reliable. The Haast’s Eagle hunted large flightless moas and other large prey, making the eagles large as an evolutionary response. The feathers on their chest are prominent black ridges. Both the species of eagles have a compelling physical description. But in some birds of prey, the female can be half as heavy as the male. When it comes to strength and power, the female Harpy Eagle is in a league of her own. Like other birds of prey, they clench on their prey with talons sharply and do not let go until the victim is dead. The species are legally protected by Japan and classified as a National Treasure. As with size, the average lifespan of an eagle population appears to be influenced by its location and access to prey. 1995. 1st Philippine Eagle – Largest eagle in total physical dimensions. The species threatened by habitat loss because of the expansion of logging, agriculture, and cattle ranching. These metrics are difficult to obtain and are rarely used in scientific studies. Auk. Comparing bird measurements can be tricky. Overall, the Steller’s Sea Eagle does not use its size as a tool to subdue its prey. The African crowned eagle is Africa’s most powerful and ferocious eagle in terms of the weight and nature of prey taken. The world’s most spectacular raptor – Steller’s Sea Eagle. In terms of total size the largest is Philippine Eagle. Notes on the Harpy Eagle in British Guiana. Note not the tallest nor the heaviest Eagle in the world. The Harpy Eagle’s Metrics Relative to other Eagles. Even, they can chase at a speed of 50 miles per hour. 4th White Tailed Sea Eagle – Its the largest eagle in Europe and ranks 4th in overall ranking when in terms of size and weight. [128] As they are no longer heavily persecuted, adult mortality is quite low. The wingspan of a Steller’s sea eagle ranges from 1.95 m to 2.5 m. The wingspan of a harpy eagle ranges between 1.76 m to 2.24 m. Steller’s sea eagle does not have any natural predators. The even smaller but aggressive (and powerful?) When it comes to comparing weight, the variation in measurements can be even greater. Mammalian prey, especially duikers, may weigh up to 34 kg (75 lbs) and still be preyed on by these Eagles. The harpy eagle is also near to the top of the food chain. Australia’s largest bird of prey, the Wedge-tailed Eagle, comes in third place. The Wedge-tailed Eagle has a total length of (41″) but weighs only (3 kg). Steller’s sea eagle was initially named by Peter Simon Pallas, a zoologist, and botanist, who worked in Russia. Harpy Eagle is the most robust built eagle a reason why most people claimed it as the most powerful eagle in the world.Its talin size is comparable to a Grizzly Bear Claw. FemaleMaximum: 9 kg (19.8 lb)Average: 8.3 kg (18.2 lb)Range: 7.6-9 Kg (16.7-19.8 lb), MaleMaximum: 4.8 kg (10.5 lb)Average: 4.4 kg (9.7 lb)Range: 4-4.8 Kg (8.8-10.5 lb), FemaleMaximum: 9 kg (19.8 lb)Average: 7.9 kg (17.4 lb)Range: 6.8-9 kg (15-19.8 lb), MaleMaximum: 6 kg (13.2 lb)Average: 5.45 Kg (12 lb)Range: 4.9-6 kg (10.8-12.2 lb), Male and FemaleMaximum: 8 kg (17.6 lb)Average: 6.4 kg   (14.1 lb)Range: 4.7-8 kg    (10.3-17.6 lb). Besides, its common name the bird is also known by the names- pacific eagle or White-shouldered eagle. Measurements of male and female Harpy Eagle. With 42.2″ from tip to tail, the Harpy Eagle is the world’s largest eagle followed very closely by the Steller’s Sea Eagle with 41.3″. Both the male and the female defended their breeding territory and started building nests between February and March. Harpy eagles are monogamous pairs that mate for life; they are solitary and use their excellent sense of sight to locate their prey. I was wondering where the African Martial eagle (Polemaetus bellicosus) is in all of this. The harpy eagle can attack its prey from above as well as below as they have short, broad wings that also enable them to fly almost straight up. In one study of Florida eagles, adult bald eagles reportedly had 100% annual survival rate. Given the small difference in length between these two eagles, the Harpy Eagle and the Steller’s Sea Eagle are practically tied in the first place. Your email address will not be published. Photo: Fernando Serna Agudelo. Wikipedia, Animal Diversity Web – Michigan University, BBC Arkive Image of Life on Earth, World Atlas, Philippine Eagle Foundation, WWF World Wildlife Fund, Chicago Field Museum, Cornell Lab of Ornitology). Online Guide to the Birds of Peru. Photo: Sascha-Wenninger/Flickr/CC by 2.0, White-tailed Eagle. Another source of error is that measures taken in the field are compared to measurements of birds kept in captivity. An incredible video of a Golden Eagle taking a small Mountain sheep or goat and carrying it off to it’s nest.

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