durum wheat sourdough bread

Soon, I will also post on other “experiments” aimed to make wheat more tolerable, and of course I will continue to explore wheat-free alternatives. I hope you are having a good time reading this blog, and please don't be shy to connect with me through comments or emails and do keep on bread-ing! 300 g durum wheat flour. For you guys, more gluten-free posts are coming, no worries. More details are in the captions when you scroll over the pictures. It did not rise well at all; gluten development was great even with just mixing, but the rise was way heavy. I love it in this Durum Stirato (beginner), Semolina Sourdough (advanced), and Semolina Rounds (intermediate). grazie per apprezzare i cambiamenti. Hi there! e che foto! ), By the way… the bread came out great. ciao. stavo pensando di cambiare nome anch’io, che ne dici, ma non ho idee… aspetto consigli! mi piace un sacco il grano duro anche se poi non lo uso tanto ……mi hai fatto venire voglia di usarlo. and my crumb turned out much more “fine” , no “big” holes like in your bread, Had the loaves rising for about 6 hours…. Anyways, I love this recipe and I love doing variations of it, fell in love the first time I did it with durum and made a lovely, yellow-blushed ‘pasta-like’, airy sourdough!! Add the water, starter and sautéed ingredients to the dry ingredients and mix. It is made with 100% durum. If you want impressive garlic power, use all four cloves (or more) and just warm the minced garlic in the oil. it is unfortunately true… here there is a strong revival of bakeries but have to admit even the most trendy ones make bread that is nowadays inedible for me (both because of my highly developed “bread tastebuds” and because it often makes me sick…). Day Two, evening (after work, 6 pm): 1) Take the loaves out of the fridge and let rest at room temperature for 3 hours, still sealed in the plastic bags. 3 tea-spoon marine salt. thank you for the info on the photos Aiden, haven’t looked at this post in a while so I had no idea. You should notice a big difference in the pliability of the dough over the course of the stretching and folding. ^_^. Then incorporate the sourdough (fed the day before), 310 g of water and salt, kneading until the dough is smooth and elastic. . la rimacinata avrebbe dato piu’ morbidezza ma anche cosi’ il pane e’ buono, soprattutto se leggermente tostato. And I totally agree with you on the logistics during the work week, the bread only gets better with all that resting time in between. well, this is teh flour we use to make pasta, semola di grano duro. It’s a shame because your photography is so gorgeous. 1 hour, Cook Time: basterebbe scriverlo che ne so, di blu o di azzurro… con blogger si puo’ fare… studiaci un po’ dai! I can imagine the smell in your house when you bake! 350 g stone-ground organic bread flour. Bel pane Barbara, Well, while I do have a lot of fun writing these posts, I admit it feels good to know that I am not just talking to myself but someone is actually reading Cheers to you for that! Now through midnight CST on Cyber Monday Nov. 30 use coupon code TG2020 when checking out for 10% off everything in your cart (except items already on sale). Well, being my own guinea pig in this, I dare having wheat and gluten only if I am the one who prepares the bread. I have photos from the durum one I did in December when I followed it exactly that I’ll send – I love the idea of a photo page of various iterations, interpretations, and variants of your recipes , It sure is fun! totally not sour, I promise. ^_^. This works best if you strain or squeeze out the oil from the sauté. e’ anche possibile che anche dove vivi ci siano negozietti specializzati con una selezione piu ampia… in bocca al lupo! Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. ciao!! You did a great job. grazie tesoro e buon restauro! playing with flours is fun, isn’t it? The following two tabs change content below. My main interest is the preservation of bread tradition and craft, with an eye to health. Mi immagino già quante ti chiederanno che vuol dire ah aha ahaaaaa! The colour of all your bread looks amazing. The most famous bread with durum is pane di Altamura. Ma che farina usa come Grano Duro? Anche le baghette e il pane cunzato…che buono!! November 29, 2020 - 9:45am. That’s a gorgeous looking loaf of bread! mi accontento di quello che trovo. I thought I’d share that 20% graham flour turns the bread into a brick. Also, I’d like to add – I LOVE the procedure for this recipe – the 24-hour schedule is exactly what anyone who has a busy life needs. And your photography is top notch. thank you Karen, you are always so encouraging! No junk. 60% durum sourdough. Your hands will smell great after the stretching and folding. Everything you need to get started with artisanal home bread baking in one box. You don’t need to buy any bread at all as nothing will taste as good as the one you make. ciao e grazie, Then I will give it a try And your blog title changed , Looks delicious! Reserve the herb-garlic sauté until after the bulk fermentation, and then spread it onto the dough when you fold it in thirds. Much love! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. io metterei un po’ più di colore nel titolone, magare nel sottotitolo…. bacionissimi, non si puo’ scegliere il colore del testo? ?una Rimacinata di Grano Duro ?? @Federica, you made my day! If you don’t have a sourdough starter and want some yummy yeast-based bread recipe with long fermentation, check out the recent posts by Stephanie from Hefe und Mehr. One-click unsubscribe on every email. Fold the dough in thirds and then in half. Mix for 5-6 minutes by machine on low speed (or 7-8 minutes by hand). Controlled conditions? Haha, thank you. 40 minutes, Category: viene voglia di allungare la mano e di mangiarne una fetta! 4) Place in the fridge and let ferment there for 18 hours. I mean… I have been posting a few gluten-free breads but this does not mean that I am going completely gluten-free. Ilya Flyamer. CONSIDERATIONS: Well, it is nice to do sourdough again and I always like to make bread with durum wheat. Nice open crumb and a toasty, roasty crust—just the way I like it. Melissa Johnson: Passionate bread baker, inspired by the science and art of sourdough. 3) Reduce further the temperature to 210 (Celsius, 410 Fahrenheit) degrees and bake for 25-30 minutes more. when I arrive here. baci. sul tuo di nome ci penso, credo che si, si puo’ fare di meglio anche li’. Knead the flour quickly with 390 g of water and let it rest for 30 minutes in a bowl covered with a damp cloth. Even though I know, you always get me to say Wow! One of the most effective ways to properly prepare a wheat-based bread (listen, I am referring to people who do not have gluten sensitivities or, if so, only very mild ones – like me, yeah) is to make it with sourdough. You are not supposed to call any bread pane di … ciao! ciao I’ll give instructions on how to downgrade the garlic and cheese if anyone is so inclined, but I recommend going full-throttle. The long fermentation does the rest. Questo non ha dei buchi…ci sono le caverne in quella mollica :D! Oh… and I take the chance to THANK YOU. Bake until the internal temp is around 205 F. Eliminate the stretching and folding. So I tride something along those lines and it turned out nicely- but, of course, I forgot to put away 50gr of sourdough for my next bread, and have to make a new start, again…. *young liquid leaven: made with 30 grams of 100% hydration mature sourdough starter and 200 g water plus 200 g bread flour. Thank you- I have that as “semolina” and mix with white flour for pasta, so maybe this would work. That’s it! 2) Invert the dough on a heavily floured baker’s peel covered with parchment paper, score as you like, and transfer in the hot oven, on a hot baking dish or on a baking stone, making sure to create some steam (throwing a few ice cubes in a hot baking dish placed in the lower rack of the oven generally works). The bread looks so great! This creates a strange crumb with long open layers. 150 g stone-ground organic all-purpose flour. I hear it’s so difficult to work with sourdough, and your bread looks perfect. un po’ più di frivolezza primaverile…. Bread Baking Instructional Videos, Recipes, and Baking Equipment and Supplies. Sono sempre incantata dal tuo pane. Congratulations on all your readership but this bread is a perfect example of why everyone enjoys visiting your blog. Preheat the oven and your baking vessel to 500 F for thirty minutes before the proofing time is up. Here are some pictures of the loaves I made on my way to this recipe. This is among my favorite recipes ever – and I just thought I’d let you know that the second two photos are broken links and cannot be displayed! Is it getting very sour due to the sourdough and the long fermentation? Sandra, @ Stephanie: yes I suddenly felt the old name was a little too generic and serious… hope you try the bread! However, to use the full potential of sourdough as a fermenting and soaking agent, the best is to allow for long rising times. On request for a vegan sandwich loaf for a farm stand I supply once a week, I tried something with a mix of white, whole wheat, and durum flours and a bit of olive oil which made for a nice soft loaf; I’m offering that this week alone or as part of the bread bundle with the country sourdough …

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