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Hi Martin! Dragon fruit helps in preventing some type of cancers. Dragon fruits have anti-aging properties. I am in Jamaica. Marketing of Dragon Fruit:- Freshly harvested fruits can be transported to local fruit markets and can be sold to fruit agents at farm gate. The fruits take five months to completely mature. When it comes to fruit, it is fleshy with skin colours of red, yellow or purple. Where can I get it? Soil Requirement for Dragon Fruit Farming:- Dragon fruits can be grown in wide range of soils. [15], 10.2305/IUCN.UK.2004.RLTS.T30428A9548491.en, "Prediction of Dragon's Blood Tree (Dracaena Cinnabari Balf.) The selected branch cuttings should be treated with pesticides to control pests and disease 1 month (30) days before planting in the main field. In subsequent years, the dose of the fertilizers should be increased depending on plant size. Land Preparation, Planting and Spacing in Dragon Fruit Farming:- Land should be given 2 to 3 deep ploughing till it reaches fine tilth stage. Springer-Verlag, Berlin. Greeks, Romans, and Arabs use it in general wound healing, as a coagulant, cure for diarrhea, for dysentery diseases, for lowering fevers. Please share your solution! Branching tends to occur when the growth of the terminal bud is stopped, due to either flowering or traumatic events (e.g. Advertisement. This evergreen species is named after its dark red resin, which is known as "dragon's blood". This is putting more pressure on the vegetation through the process of logging, overgrazing, woodcutting and infrastructure of development plans. The frequency of irrigation depends on soil type, moisture holding capacity, plant age and climatic conditions. The fleshy berry fruit ends up being an orange-red color that contains one to three seeds. A mixture of sand in garden soil would be appropriate in case of poor soils. It will take 2-3 weeks for it to develop new roots. Keep the mulch away from the main stem to prevent rotting. The dragon fruit grows on a vine, which requires support to protect the plant from stress as it grows in size and becomes laden with delicious fruit. I have 7 acre farm in Gujarat state, india.. agri soil is black. During initial stages of plantation, they require more nitrogen and so the fertilizer should contain more nitrogen and during flowering or fruit set stage, the fertilizer should contain phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). You have entered an incorrect email address! I also interested in farming of dragon fruit in panjab. Dragon fruits have excellent demand in local & export markets. I am now growing 12 other named dragon fruit varieties and would recommend this fruit as one of the easiest to grow. Yield in Dragon Fruit Farming:- Yield of fruit crop depends on many factors such as soil type, climate, variety and orchard management practices. Extra care should be taken for export markets. The unusual shape of the dragon's blood tree is an adaptation for survival in arid conditions with low amounts of soil, such as in mountaintops. How deep do I plant a dragon fruit tree on the ground? Dragon fruit helps in boosting immune power. Dragon fruit helps soothing sunburned skin. Once it has dried out simply place cut … You can find some information about Pitya /Dragon Fruit farming : Here. It is still used as varnish for violins and for photoengraving. (1978) Flowering Plants of the World. Human activities have greatly reduced the dragon's blood population through overgrazing, and feeding the flowers and fruits to the livestock of the island. Scientific Name or Botanical Name of Dragon Fruit:- “Hylocereus undatus”, Family Name of Dragon Fruit:- “Cactaceae”. It is good idea to have a drip irrigation method for better utilization of water and weed supressing. In a year, 45 – 50 tons of dragon fruits per hectare can be produced under ideal farming conditions. A container that is at least 10 inches deep and 24 inches wide is the minimum size for a mature dragon fruit plant. In dragon fruit farming, on an average one can obtain. The flowers tend to grow at the end of the branches. Sir, I read your article. Description. However, additional fertilizers of N:P:K and ZK should be applied during flowering and fruiting stage. These trees even tolerate rocky terrains to survive and yield the fruits. The trunk and the branches of the dragon blood are thick and stout and display dichotomous branching, where each of the branches repeatedly divides into two sections. Provide 1200 – 1300 supporting poles/ha (RFC/cement poles are preferred for long run) with the distance between tree to tree of 3 meter x 3 meter . Stand Sample Density on Soqotra Island", "Dragon's Blood Resin from Alchemy Works", "Dragon's blood: Botany, chemistry and therapeutic uses (PDF Download Available)", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Dracaena_cinnabari&oldid=988953594, Articles with dead external links from December 2019, Articles with permanently dead external links, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. These cutting should be tied properly for vertical growth. Soil must have good drainage and overwatering should be avoided.

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