does jean grey die in dark phoenix

If one looks beyond Magento and Xavier and into the sky, the Phoenix Force flies through the air behind them. The plan to build towards a reboot of the Dark Phoenix's saga that was last seen as part of X-Men: The Last Stand in 2006 began after X-Men: Days of Future Past wiped out that timeline in 2014. Warning: Spoilers for X-Men: Dark Phoenix follow. Dark Phoenix wasn't meant to be the last traditional X-Men film from Fox, but it's fitting that's how things worked out. Dark Phoenix wasn't meant to be the last traditional X-Men film from Fox, but it's fitting that's how things worked out. Viewers get a glimpse of that in the chess-playing scene that closes out the film. As Vuk was beginning to vaporize, Jean flew both of them up into space, far away from Charles Xavier (James McAvoy), Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto (Michael Fassbender), Hank McCoy (Nicholas Hoult), Scott Summers (Tye Sheridan), and the rest of the X-Men trying to protect her. She vaporized all the aliens trying to come at her in a badass moment that we had been waiting all movie to see, as she. Phoenix Branches Out Jean Grey would remain out of the picture and referred to as dead for the next 13 years. What Happened To Jean Grey At The End Of Dark Phoenix? The fact is, X-Men: Dark Phoenix was never supposed to be the final film in Fox's version of the franchise. We couldn’t see who or what it was, but it was obviously Jean, in some form or another. While the real Jean Grey was being cocooned, this entity rose from the water. By the end of the film, Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and Magneto (Michael Fassbender) are once again together playing chess, as fans have seen so many times before. Here Are All The Movies Everyone Will Be Watching On Thanksgiving... young Jean Grey’s (Sophie Turner) story ended. So there you have it, a list of all Jean Grey's real deaths in the 616 Marvel Universe. Perhaps the plan was to resurrect Jean Grey in another film. This energy lived inside Jean and eventually took her over, turning her dark. Is Jean Grey really dead? Of course, her friends down on the ground couldn’t see that and, But then the camera panned up to where a flaming being flew through the sky. In the comics, Jean’s near-death experience in space (like the moment that plays out in the beginning of the movie) results in the universe sending her the Phoenix Force, the manifestation of the power of creation and life itself. Eventually she left Earth, as she does at the end of the movie, and ended up causing a lot of destruction across the universe as Dark Phoenix. Or was the result as final as it seemed? However, a version of Jean Grey would return to comics. If it wasn't for the recent Fox-Disney merger, I'd say definitively that this comics storyline makes for clear sequel material, but now that the Mouse House owns Fox (the studio that owns the X-Men franchise, which fans have speculated will be rebooted and merged into the Marvel Cinematic Universe alongside the Avengers), we may be left wondering what Jean does up in space forever. Her death was considered such a done deal, marketing actually included it in one of the full-length trailers. There Are A Few Thanksgiving Movies, Actually, Everything Leaving Netflix in December 2020. But here’s where things get a little questionable. The Phoenix entity became too strong to control, for the merely human aspects it had acquired from Jean, but the other X-Men had no way to kno… Most fans knew that at least one longtime character wouldn't be making it out of this alive: Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence). Jean was, of course, resurrected via Krakoa's new rebirthing system. In the X-Men: The Last Stand version, there is a suggestion the Phoenix power Jean Grey has inside her does not just make her super-powerful, but immortal, destined to rise from her own ashes. Dark Phoenix was supposed to represent a step forward in that evolution, not an end. Her voice-over stated that she had “evolved beyond this world,” but what does that even. But is Jean really gone? The original idea, if rumors are correct, is that the development of Jean Grey into the "Phoenix" powers was supposed to act as a catalyst to split the X-Men into two camps. But with the Disney-Fox merger and the future of the current X-Men line up in doubt, fans may never find out. While her not deaths in the Dark Phoenix story arc are more popular, her The blast killed Vuk on contact, but it also takes out Jean. The death and destruction in Dark Phoenix has been called gratuitous by some critics, but it should have been expected. We can probably assume that's what the movie was hinting at, however lightly. Fans were surprised by the film being so upfront and wondered if it might be a fakeout, but director Simon Kinberg was honest from the beginning. Lovers and friends attending a 1980 house party are dancing to Janet Kay’s, Five years ago, author and journalist Ta-Nehesi Coates published Between the World and Me, a sobering recollection of the United States’ history of w, This story contains spoilers for Happiest Season, streaming on Hulu November 25. Exactly 34 minutes and 38 seconds into Lovers Rock, something magical happens. But what fans didn't know is that Mystique wasn't the only character they'd leave the theaters mourning. After spending most of the film under the thumb of Vuk (played by Jessica Chastain), Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) regains control of herself and her Phoenix abilities and throws down against the woman who has been manipulating her, flying Vuk high into the air before allowing herself to explode full force. Jean Grey has "gone rogue" in previous X-Men movies, and anyone who's watched the worse-than-you-remember '90s cartoon or read the comics knows just how brutal the possessed psychic can be. Think Captain America: Civil War, but just the mutants fighting each other. That definitive comic book ending might be all we get (which is at least more than the movie gives us). No, Mystique's death isn't trying to fool you, she's really going to die. She knew the power was going to be unleashed in another explosive moment and didn’t want anyone else that she loved to die like Raven (Jennifer Lawrence) did earlier in the movie. Standing out in a cast that includes Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Davis, Vic, 27 Romantic Christmas Movies You Can Stream Right Now, 17 Holiday Movies Streaming On Hulu Right Now. It appeared as if Jean died in the explosion up in space. But the explosion was weirdly in the shape of a phoenix (ha, get it?). Reshoots changed the ending, giving the story a more final outcome. This cosmic manifestation first came into being underwater after a space shuttle crash. Instead of the film winding up as a story of the X-Men divided, Jean Grey's sacrifice brings them back together in grief. It appeared as if Jean died in the explosion up in space. First, in case you zoned out after Jessica Chastain uttered the line "your emotions make you weak," here's where the movie left Jean: After an incredibly high-stakes train heist scene in which the power-hungry alien Vuk (Chastain) and her followers tried to get suck the cosmic energy inside of Jean, our gal finally took hold of her mystical and destructive new powers. But the explosion was weirdly in the shape of a phoenix (ha, get it?). After all, what is a phoenix, but a bird who is born again from ashes? With characters like Jean only cast in 2016's X-Men: Apocalypse, actors, like Sophie Turner, were supposed to be the future of the franchise.

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