do birthday cupcakes spoil animal crossing

Today is my birthday in Animal Crossing New Horizons, and I encountered an issue with the birthday cupcake item. Check pinterest for ideas. I’m having an Animal Crossing themed birthday party. So for those of you who can’t contain your curiosity, here’s what happens on your birthday in Animal Crossing… The birthday set is a furniture set in the Animal Crossing series. A *spoiler alert* for obvious reasons, but we all probably know that cool stuff happens on your birthday in Animal Crossing games. If it's a food item, I assume you can eat it like fruit or eggs and it let's you move fully grown trees or break rocks like other food items do. At the beginning of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players choose their name, island shape and birthday.The last one is important, because birthdays are celebrated in-game with a party thrown by residents. So it’s my birthday today and I just celebrated with my villagers with a piñata! I was handing this item out to my villagers, and found one in the Nook's store walking around. I ate a cupcake before I realized that I needed to give them to other villagers LOL.. but when I looked in my pockets, I was only given 6. Which item they are given depends on their friendship level with the animal. If it's furniture, then you just place it like furniture. If you haven't figured it out yet, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the most wholesome game you can play on the Nintendo Switch right now, so it's no surprise the game makes a big deal about you and your villagers' birthdays.Because the game works in real time, every villager has a birthday, and only a handful of villagers share birthdays. They even give the player gifts to celebrate and players get special items sent to them from “Mom,” who also sends monthly gifts. When I talked to them, I did not see any special birthday dialog, which did not seem suspicious at first. My birthday is the 20th too!! 10, but I couldn't give them to any villagers on my birthday because there was a fishing contest that same day. For Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Birthday Cupcake Gifting". But New Horizons takes the cool factor to the next level. 1 New Leaf 2 New Horizons 2.1 Variations 2.1.1 Cake 2.1.2 Other items 2.2 Notes It can only be obtained in New Leaf on the player's birthday, where they will be given an item from the series by the villager hosting their birthday party. I have 10 villagers. Well, what is it a furniture item (a leaf in your inventory) or is it a cupcake symbol? Are all your villagers supposed to be given cupcakes? Slider in the plaza so I feel like people with birthdays during events are going to have disappointing birthdays. Do I miss anything by only giving cupcakes to some? I was time travelling, admittedly, and I didn't check if my birthday could proceed normally after 6:00 PM, but I didn't see K.K. You used to get full Birthday Cakes in past games.

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