distance learning for english language learners

Language development needs to occur throughout the curriculum. Thank you Heather…this is wonderful! LanguageLine is able to get you connected to our team of 12,000 professional, on-demand interpreters via audio or video in 30 seconds or less. With schools around the country relying on distance learning … . Children must be talking and actively producing language. Learning new vocabulary is critical for our English Learners. There is at least one English language learner in the majority of American high schools. Students need concrete strategies to support them in accessing and processing content as well as differentiated small group additional support. While most of the resources below make the assumption that students have access to technology, we have tried to include some ideas for those of you who are designing take-home packets for your families who don’t have access to a computer and internet. What strategies, tools or resources have helped you support access for your English learners? We take great satisfaction in partnering in creating a learning experience that can change a life. Learning new vocabulary is critical for our English Learners. Taking the extra time to find that link for a book or video related to the learning in your student’s home languages can make a huge difference. According to New York University, English language learners are the fastest-growing student population group, according to the National Education Association. This will impact all students, but particularly the 10 percent of students in the United States who are considered English language learners (ELLs). Ask them what they need before you tell them what their child needs to learn. Development of the home language in addition to English is critical because it contributes to growth in both English and the child’s home language – and accrues life-long benefits to the child. spaces, personal connection, opportunities to ask questions about what is happening, and a semblance of continuity and community. Everything that happens in a school day is an opportunity for language development. This may be interpretation in the form of video or phone, or the translation of written materials. Building an Equitable System for DLLs in the California Master Plan for Early Learning and Care, Elevating Urgent Needs of Young Dual Language Learners and Their Families During COVID-19, Closing the Learning Divide for Young DLLs during COVID-19 and Beyond. If students don’t have an online option, send home chant and song booklets, and encourage students to practice with their families. We find ourselves in unprecedented times as the COVID 19 pandemic has shut down our schools for an indefinite amount of time. If the assessment results indicate that the students will struggle in regular academic courses, they may be enrolled in either dual-language courses or English as a second language (ESL) programs. according to the National Education Association. Incorporate technology, images, videos, and total physical response to teach new vocabulary. "The difficulties of distance learning for English learners, exacerbated by language barriers, may reinforce existing achievement gaps for these students," the GAO authors noted. Provide differentiated sentence frames to support them in constructing increasingly complex sentences. During distance learning, explanations that were implicit now must become explicit. Curate multilingual thematic video collections and articles in Google classroom. It's an important reminder as students adjust to distance learning. 5 Practices Access Adapting Curriculum Algebra 1 algebra 2 back to school CCSS classroom community classroom success stories Common Core conceptual understanding curriculum Design principles distance learning Elementary Grades Math ELL English Language Learners English learners … Developing rich, powerful and precise language can still happen in a distance learning model. Create forums of communication with families so you can get feedback on what is working or not working for them and their children. By focusing on language, teachers give students a way to go beyond describing their own process or answer. Before we can dive into potential strategies or techniques, we need to ask ourselves: “What assumptions am I making about my students’ learning environment? English-language learners may not have the English-language ability needed to achieve their full academic potential in schools and learning environments in which instruction is delivered entirely in English. Align your language arts assignments to your theme. While the numbers suggest these students are no longer the outliers in today’s schools, a look at their support resources suggests otherwise. We need to be thoughtful and intentional about how we create space for connecting, making sure to give time for our students to check-in or share about their lives before we launch into the academic content. There is at least one English language learner in the majority of American high schools. Heather majored in Community Studies and graduated with a BA from UC Santa Cruz. 5. Provide families with multilingual prompts for conversations they can have with their children about what they are learning. English Learners require specific, specially designed instruction, and support in order to access, comprehend and participate effectively in school. We are holding you and your students and families in our hearts as we move forward in this challenging moment. We are all working so hard every day to keep the learning going as we “shelter in place” and it can often feel like an insurmountable challenge, but we need to move forward one small step at a time. Language develops most powerfully when it is in the context of building knowledge about something and interacting with the world. Are There A Lot of English Language Learners? If the assessment results indicate that the students will struggle in regular academic courses, they may be enrolled in either dual-language courses or English as a second language (ESL) programs. Their families will also need unique assistance in understand what will be expected during remote learning so that they can be collaborators in educating their children. Students can explore connections between their thinking and the thinking of … Hi Heather! Make sure students and families’ basic mental and physical needs are met first. Heather is a SEAL program manager and bilingual education lead.

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