different types of houses

A style mostly popular along the coast in the Northeast, Shingle houses … Difference between condo and townhouse. 5. Turf houses - Iceland Turf houses in Iceland. Breaking Down the Different Types of Homes. Contemporary Style homes are the popular modern-era houses … Learn more about colonial houses here (includes many examples of all the different types of colonial houses in America). From Art Deco to Victorian, HGTV.com explains the history and key elements of the 26 most popular home styles. Iceland is known for its unique turf houses… Features: Exterior walls and roofs of wood shingles; asymmetrical house shape, often organic to the landscape around it; large porches; intersecting roofs of different shapes, including gambrel. Homes come in all sorts of variations. 31 types of homes people live in. There are ranch-style homes that are long and flat and single-family homes that have multiple floors. Contemporary. For a … 6. This type of roof was once considered a marker of poverty, however, it has once again grown in popularity over the last 3 decades and is now a sign of wealth.

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