describe differing cultural practices and beliefs

Within this essay I will try to provide information that explains what “Ouroborus”, changing in the past decades. Cultural beliefs, on the other hand, have played a role in the hindering of nursing practice. 0000004819 00000 n The brief for this assignment is as I see it to research more than 8 carving cultures and to explain the impact of social and cultural belief on art practice. the practice of treating diverse groups of people with different cultural backgrounds and beliefs equally without favor or bias. Cultural practice is the manifestation of a culture or sub-culture, especially in regard to the traditional and customary practices of a particular ethnic or other cultural group. 2604 23 The Level Of Competition And Their Business Strategy Within An Industry. 12 DEC 14 Rasmussen CollegeCultural Beliefs on Health Different cultures exhibit different beliefs and practices. The Effect Of Stress On Mental And Physical Health, Skepticism On The Search For The Truth Of Our Knowledge, Procurement Strategy : Supply Chain Management. 0000007082 00000 n As cultures and beliefs evolve over time, so have advancements in modern medicine. Thus leading to greater compliance and continuity of care. Cultural “Beliefs” Corrupts Society In this society, everyone is being judged for the way they look, act, or their beliefs.There is always a certain way to “look” to fit in with people. Some of the motives for forced marriage and/or honour based violence have been identified as 1. families controlling unwanted sexual behaviour or sexual orientation 2. preventing relationships out with the community 3. ensuring care for disabled children or adults 4. protecting the family ‘honour’. 0000004741 00000 n Awareness of differences, and our reaction to them, and how they affect the service we provide, is a crucial part of our practice. There are different factors that bring different people together, such as trade, education, or displacement due to political tensions and war. This information is based on the question. It is important that we learn to think about our own practice in a constructive way. When aspects of the patient 's cultural values are not employed in the patient 's care this can negatively impact the patient’s, the divided between the culture of medicine and the beliefs and practices of a patient, communication would be enhanced. 0000009303 00000 n x�b```b``Uf`e`��[email protected] A�G� �D���L;1��6�k���{B��l��uT|�uݾ8x̐p������~����H�܄�?|^��������.G��m&���B����/���. Antwoney Palmar As can be seen, each ethnic group brings its own perspectives and values to the health care system, and many health care beliefs and health practices differ from those of the traditional American health care culture. At a time of crisis, such as illness and hospitalisation, a patient may receive a great deal of comfort and benefit from practising their faith, and from having their religious and cultural needs recognised and respected. 0000003532 00000 n Traditional practices and other cultural beliefs tend to play a key role in ruining people’s dreams. Patricia Cardosa brings out issues of family values, racism and social expectations of women in the film ‘Real Women have Curves’. Transcultural nursing (TCN) is the combination of anthropology and nursing care, focusing on a patient’s cultural beliefs, attitudes, values, behaviors, and health practices (Andrews & Boyle, 2016). 0000025943 00000 n These are forms of domestic and sometimes child abuse. Cultural baggage is how, also must be able to care of patients from other cultures with different health beliefs, values, and practices. 2604 0 obj<> endobj 0000006297 00000 n Among these, cultural competent and humility are the foundation to provide optimal quality care within. 0000022540 00000 n The interview reveals similarities and differences in the subject’s cultural beliefs and practices as well. Unlike ‘typical’ … To present research material in the correct form and record citations and bibliography correctly. During the interview, the cultural beliefs and practices were discussed by the topics relation to health care system. Introduction 4.1 Describe differing cultural practices and beliefs 4.2 Support children or young people to understand and value their cultural practices and beliefs 4.3 Work with children or young people in ways that respect their choices about cultural practices and beliefs 4.4 Describe cultural practices that are themselves discriminatory, harmful They are not unique to a particular culture or religion. The nursing profession has played a big role in caring for the patients in the health sector. 0000023272 00000 n 0000005579 00000 n Through charities like “Doctors Without Borders”, western medicine reaches new heights of accessibility, delivering emergency medical aid to people in countries, the practice of treating diverse groups of people with different cultural backgrounds and beliefs equally without favor or bias. 0000000016 00000 n There are different factors that bring different people together, such as trade, education, or displacement due to political tensions and war. English 103 In this paper, the readers will gain knowledge on different cultural beliefs and practices of a forty-eight year old female, African American colleague. Harmful traditional practices occur across all sexes, sexual identities and genders. 0000004227 00000 n 0000002427 00000 n As nurses, understanding TCN allows us to be culturally competent in our nursing practice. Practiced in many regions of the world, it violates their dignity and right to their own body. However, delivery of quality health is a right to every citizen of every state or country. Cultural practices Genital mutilation Female genital mutilation (FGM) is a customary practice that is harmful to the health of children. Marriage of children Arranged, forced marriage of children is a customary practice that is harmful to the […] Cultural sensitivity plays a role in six major topics of healthcare, Communication with Spiritual Leaders, Gender, Modesty, Diet, Scared Objects, and Sacred Time. startxref 0000004494 00000 n 0000007847 00000 n 0000001969 00000 n Many people today view faith as irrelevant: it is never considered. The nurses and other health care providers have the professional obligation to stay complex to their clients' social backgrounds. Professor Cagnolatti The responsibilities of nurses have evolved to include the cultural aspects of the clients, along with the empirical and theoretical knowledge. Implementing the cultural aspects of patients values, beliefs, and practices in their care can overcome challenges to foster better health outcomes. Unfortunately, the expectation of many health care professionals has been that patients will conform to mainstream values. Ethnocentrism is the belief in the inherit superiority of one’s own ethnic group or culture ( 0000002779 00000 n %%EOF Raised in a society that sticks to its traditions means that one has to fight the battle of cultural norms and requirements of the modern society. Cultural differences have emotional impact on, Randell Jackson Cultural views of individuals influence their perceptions and decisions of health attitudes and health cares; in order to care for people across different languages and cultures, nurses need to develop cultural sensitivity, awareness, competence, and humility (Creasia & Parker, 2007). Comparative Analysis 0000009838 00000 n “Is the Ouroborus relevant to our culture of carving from a personal, local and global view point?” It is important, Cultural Beliefs on Health Why Should One Lie Awake Over The Relation Between Canon And Creed? 0000000775 00000 n In the film, women are required, Ouroborus Introduction %PDF-1.4 %���� Additionally, there are some cultural practices that highly oppose, Culture is defined as a changing yet stable set of beliefs, goals, and attitudes shared by a group of people (as cited in Ravindran & Myers). One of the most important things to remember when communicating with patients is to recognize the difference between a common human behavior and a particular cultural behavior (“The Role of Religion,” n.d.). 2606 0 obj<>stream That’s where ethnocentrism takes over. It evolves as people do, and beliefs may change, however it remains consistent through time, as the world changes together. When these people with different cultural diversity get together, they should be treated and given equal attention as the native citizens of that particular country. 0000008570 00000 n Health care providers should encourage clients and family members to explain how religious or cultural morals may be important to a hospital stay related to personal needs, interaction with staff, and decisions about treatment.

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