denon dual hdmi output

It’s only fair to point out cases where dual HDMI outputs simply aren’t a great benefit to you. Explore. When the “Resolution” setting in the menu is not set to “Auto”, set the resolution in “Video” - “HDMI Monitor 1” and “HDMI Monitor 2” to one that is compatible … link. I have two tvs separately side by side for gaming and sports/TV. link. By continuing to use our site you are agreeing to our, Top 10 Mistakes When Hooking Up a Home Theater System, Tribit QuietPlus 50 Bluetooth ANC Headphone Review, Atlantic Technology 8600eC Sealed 3-Way Center Speaker, Best Standalone Streaming Device by Streaming Source, Subwoofer Buying Guide – What to Look for. Two of these are mirrored while the third output is a dedicated second HDMI zone output. eddiem74, Mar 2, 2016 #1. eddiem74 . If the “ARC” settings have been changed, always reset the power to connected devices after the change. When the HDMI Control function is activated, priority is given to the TV audio setting. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Basically I want to know how you tell the amp (Denon x2300w) to only output the audio to the monitor attached to HDMI output port 2. I was hoping I could mirror the sound from main amp to another amp with them synchronized perfectly. link When the power of this unit is on and “HDMI Audio Out” is set to “TV”, audio is output as 2-channel from the HDMI OUT connector. Either you are using both a projector screen and a television in the same room, or you want to extend HDMI with audio and video to a second zone. link. link. You’ll need to run a longer HDMI cable to the projector, which will likely be located towards the back of the room. I currently have everything (cable, Xbox, Wii U, chromecast) run through a 2 hdmi output box (brand: matrix hdmi splitter). Mar 2, 2016 at 7:02 PM. You also may not want to utilize dual HDMI outputs for a second zone if you don’t have any desire to duplicate content to the second zone. Some products are simply doubling the HDMI output and allowing you to run another parallel output to a different room. Your email address will not be published. Play back through TV connected to the unit. Great article. Explore. These systems don’t allow you to select a discrete input or source and send it to a different room. link. The problem is that the sound is off about 1/2 second and it is annoying if you have both volumes up. I have a 4K in output 1 and my Sony 1080p projector in 2. Make settings for HDMI Audio Out, HDMI Pass Through and HDMI Control settings. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. There are really only two reasons you might need a device with dual HDMI outputs. Together that’s less than the cost of many 60″ flat panel displays on the market. These cookies do not store any personal information. Select HDMI audio output device. What would you recommend to control two separate tvs, simultaneously? Think this is unusual or out of budget? Hi Clint, I have the set up you described, a TV and a projector running off an amp that has two main monitor outs. On the TV connected to the HDMI MONITOR 1 connector, set whether to receive sound from the TV via HDMI. Refer to “HDMI Control function” for more information about the HDMI Control function. Mostly, these are AV receivers and select Blu-ray players that seek to distribute video to second zones or in special room configurations. You can adjust the volume of this unit using the TV remote control. If the “HDMI Control” settings have been changed, always reset the power to connected devices after the change. If I wasn’t intent on duplicating content, however, then setting up a discrete source locally to my second display would be the preferred thing to do. “Smart Menu” can be set when “HDMI Control” is set to “On”. Today I upgraded my TV to a 4K Vizio model fed by a 4K signal from the PC. Manufactures CD players and changers, AM/FM cassette receivers, graphic equalizers, amplifiers, and speakers. This function is activated in the following cases. A full-range sound bar with DTS Virtual:X 3D audio for enhanced bass and crystal-clear dialogue during TV and movie. Sets automatic switching to the “TV Audio” input when a TV connected via HDMI sends an appropriate CEC control command to this unit. AVR-X4700H Explore. With an electric drop-down screen, you can literally drop the screen down in front of your flat panel display and view the big game on a 100″ screen instead of that smaller panel hanging on the wall. Currently, I have a cable box for music in the living room using the HDMI and use the RCA outs on same cable box to another amp that powers indoor and outdoor kitchen speakers. A TV con­nected to the HDMI MON­I­TOR 2 con­nec­tor is al­ways used. If using the HDMI Control function, connect a TV compatible with HDMI control to the HDMI MONITOR 1 connector. A good example of this is when the cost for running an active HDMI cable exceeds the cost of a second source.

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