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Ver 1 * 4. By the time Robert Johnson came along, 12 bar blues was more in vogue, and it features heavily in his music. (Typically it would the IV chord that would be left off from the traditional I-IV-V pattern we’ve all come to know and love). Playing with a bottleneck gives the guitar a vocal-like quality that nicely serves the call and response structure of these songs. Players like Robert Johnson, Skip James and Son House helped shape what we commonly call Delta Blues. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Ver 2. Sign up Log in. Using a slide to play a resonator guitar, a popular instrument used in Delta Blues. Mississippi blues songs are usually built more around guitar riffs rather than recognizable melodies. Search. ga('create', 'UA-22764632-1', 'auto'); Songs in the key of G major are usually played in an open G tuning with the root note on the 5th string (which Keith Richards would later make famous across the pond). The guitar didn’t play a big role in the urban blues of singers such as Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith, but when it comes to Mississippi blues, the style that has come to be known as Delta blues guitar is the focal point. Players like Charlie Patton and Bukka White had signature guitar riffs that would appear in several songs. Your email address will not be published. Tabs Articles Forums Wiki + Publish tab Pro. Add to playlist. Fingerstyle Delta Blues Guitar Lesson – LEG006 – Description. Tabs Articles Forums Wiki + Publish tab Pro. guitar com. Delta Blues., Jingle Bells – Acoustic blues version – Solo Composition – Guitar Lesson EP389, Pedal Steel licks for electric guitar – solo composition – EP388, Slow & Dirty Blues Lead Guitar Lesson – Electric Blues Lead – EP387. Sign up Log in. At the time of his death in 1938, however, Johnson was only one of numerous excellent blues guitar players making a name for themselves down in the Mississippi Delta. The difficulty of the songs increase from top to bottom. Nevertheless, it is possible to point to some general characteristics you’ll want to keep in mind if you’re playing or trying to learn authentic Delta blues guitar. Enter your email address below to have the weekly guitar lesson delivered to your email address. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our. Typically though, open guitar tunings are utilized, because they make slide guitar playing easier to execute. Through these tabs you'll improve your technique by learning many beautiful blues compositions.. Simple chords version of an old classic. Continue. Whether you consider yourself a “blues” musician or not, it’s hard to deny that many (even most) forms of popular music, from Rock to Jazz, Funk to Soul, and even Pop, have their roots firmly in early American blues. Top artists with “delta blues” tabs. Older players like Charlie Patton, Son House, Skip James and others often played songs with two chords rather than the three-chord style that became popular later. There is no set pattern for how the thumb is used. Active Melody LLC. If we had to pick a third most popular, it would likely have to be G major, which features heavily in some well-known songs from this era. Johnson followed in the gargantuan footsteps of older musicians such as Charlie Patton and Son House—and if you were to make an early Mississippi blues Mt Rushmore, these would be three pretty good fellows to start with. All rights reserved. (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ The guitar itself has a vocal quality that complements the singer in a call and response structure similar to gospel music, and traditional African music before it. They would play the same guitar riff while simply changing the lyrical content. While this is not really accurate—the blues also developed in the Southeastern United States, Louisiana and Texas—it does point to an interesting fact: Mississippi produced a unique style and sound that had an enormous impact on modern music. Learn how your comment data is processed. Because of its expressive quality, in the hands of different players, the tone of the bottleneck slide can range from a primitive growl to a sophisticated sweet sound, as is the case with Blind Willie Johnson’s guitar tone. The acoustic-based Delta blues guitar of Mississippi formed the foundation for the electric guitar of Chicago blues—what most people think of when they think of blues guitar today. Without exception, the most common keys in Delta blues guitar are E major and A major, which are both easily accessible in standard guitar tuning. ... in Pro version. Pro Access 80% OFF ... guitar com. Here you find tab, sheet music and my video tutorial.. There are a few exceptions to this riff-centric rule, but the most notable is probably Blind Willie Johnson, whose songs feature more prominent, and even catchy vocal melodies. One of the best examples of this is Johnson’s “Terraplane Blues,” in which you can hear Johnson’s powerful right hand propelling the song rhythmically in his off-the-cuff style that’s a challenge to pin down in proper musical notation. (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), All Rights Reserved. Mississippi Delta Blues chords by Jimmie Rodgers. In this video guitar lesson from YouTube user deltabluestips, you'll learn the very basics of Delta-style blues. Last, but certainly not least, one of the most distinguishing—and probably most well-known—features of the Delta blues guitar style is the “bottleneck” or slide guitar (which takes its name from the fact that the slide would typically be made from the neck of a wine bottle). In this lesson from Blues Guitar Institute, we’ll get deep into a 12 bar Delta Blues tune. we're off until 11/30 for the holiday    //    see current lead times     //    free shipping on orders $20+ details. © 2014-2020 Stringjoy, LLC. })(window,document,'script','//','ga'); ga('send', 'event', 'popup', 'Popup', 'Popup free weekly lesson'); This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Your email address will not be published. The interesting thing is that these three legendary Mississippi bluesmen don’t really sound very much alike at all, both their guitar and vocal styles were considerably different. Let’s dive into each of these a bit…. Other Delta blues guitar players use the thumb only on the bass strings—the thumb usually plays a steady root note with the open string while the fingers play melody notes or guitar riffs on the treble strings. More Versions.

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