dangerous rituals around the world

From smoking and offering bodies to vultures to self-mummification, there are some strange ways to dispose of the dead. In this case, the Phuket Vegetarian Festival in Thailand takes the cake (SIDENOTE: there is no actual cake). Very little is known of believers ceremonies and rituals, with one notable exception: the channeling of gods known as Orisha. “Every week, at Copacabana near Lake Titicaca, Bolivia, owners decorate their cars, taxis, and buses with flower garlands, wreaths, and confetti, then line up for a ceremony called ‘La Bendición de Movilidades’ (The Blessing of the Vehicles).”. “Families spend months making cookies, candies, and cakes in the shapes of skeletons, skulls, internal organs, coffins, crosses, altars, and flowers…”. So, don’t wait anymore and have a look at these 15 absurd sexual rituals practiced (some, even in 2017) around the world. “One man is chosen as the Shin-otokoa, or Naked Man, who must shave all body hair and run through the streets unclothed while being pursued by thousands of male festival goer.”. During the hugely popular three-day festival each February (which attracts more than a million people  in India and Singapore respectively), Tamil Hindus celebrate Lord Murugan’s birthday and his killing of the malevolent spirit Soorapadman with a spear. One specified diver carries the New Year tree to the lake’s bottom. As the name suggests, babies between the ages of one and two are thrown from a 50-foot tower, with men positioned beneath to catch the babies on sheets. Ritual Ashura bloodletting is one of several ceremonies at Shi'ite sites across the world marking the death of the Prophet Mohammad's grandson Imam Hussein at the 7th century battle of Kerbala, in which Shi'ite men hit the heads of boys with daggers, spilling blood onto Muslim streets. Seeing all those body parts hanging from the ceiling can be a tad jarring to the uninitiated, but they’re left in a spirit of hope and gratitude. In Venezuela and many Carribean countries, those worshiping the Santeria saint, Maria Lonza, host sessions for communicating with the religion’s gods and goddesses. [section]As Americans and Canadians are decorating for Halloween and choosing costumes for parties and trick-or-treating, Mexicans prepare to honor their dead on All Souls’ Day by celebrating Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Afterwards, they dive around 40 meters down while one of the divers carries the New Year tree until they reach the lake’s bottom. Some of these bizarre rituals involves with people torturing themselves while the others with doing the unbelievable. The fall is broken by the vines tied to the tower. There are a lot of traditions that seems really bizarre to the world where it is not followed. The initial bites are painful enough, but that is only the beginning of the ordeal. As soon as the tree is planted on the bottom, the divers proceed to dance around it. E very culture and religious organization has its own way of interpreting death. This tradition has been carried out since 1982, and though it doesn’t sound too dangerous, keep in mind that this lake is the deepest lake in the world and that divers have to swim with over 100 kg of equipment. Some of these bizarre rituals involves with people torturing themselves while the others with doing the unbelievable. The boys are expected to keep the gloves on for ten minutes, letting the ants attack their hands. Pierced devotees march in festival parades to demonstrate their devotion and to have their wishes granted. The event is hugely popular and draws thousands of people from all over the world. Channeling teams consist of one materia (the person who will become possessed) and one bonco (the interpreter of the gods’ messages) who work together to give the gods and goddesses a corporeal presence for the night’s celebrations. Here is a list: 10 bizarre traditions that are still observed around the word.

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