cutting 16 gauge steel

starter hole is all that is needed to start or start from the edge of the material. A .87 in. The cut should be adequately lubricated (a minimum of 30 drops per minute). For thinner gauge metal you may want to use a piece of scrap wood as backing so that the stainless steel sheet does not bend during cutting. Finer pitched blades should be used for thinner materials (32 teeth per inch for up to 16 Gauge or 1/16”) with … A nibbler is also what you need if you are cutting corrugated metal. Cut steel between 16 gauge and 8 gauge with an electric jigsaw with a metal cutting blade or with a hacksaw. Scroll cuts are a snap with the easy to hold back handle design. The 6890 nibbler can cut 16 gauge steel and 18 gauge … The cutter can be set in 8 positions to make cutting easier. Easily adjusted blades make … This fast cutting 16-Gauge Shear can handle the toughest jobs, you can even cut stainless steel up to 18-Gauge. Step 2 Clamp your steel to a work bench or sawhorse.

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