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Connor has been photographing the squirrels near her home in Northern Sweden for some time, often capturing dynamic photos of squirrels “jumping” and naming the ones she began to recognize. Slowly but surely, while helping to keep them alive in the absence of Remy, Connor earned the babies’ trust. To follow along with the baby squirrels’ progress, and see more of Connor’s fantastic wildlife photography (it’s not all squirrels…), give the photographer a follow on Twitter and Instagram. It was always the first food he’d go for. The following day I gave her a funeral and I laid a flower on her body until nature would take her. Collect. “I will continue feeding them daily for 3-4 weeks. Remy had been hit by a car. Cute squirrel eating hazelnut on a tree with a blurry background Free Photo 3 days ago. Jun 25, 2020. RIP Remy “About a week ago, they have started to run down from the tree as soon as they hear me calling them,” writes Connor. As cute as the little clip is, the story behind it—which was shared by Connor on Twitter after the clip went viral—is even more heartwarming. ... the short clip of a baby red squirrel eating has been spreading across the Web like wildfire. 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Contact, Go Premium and you will receive the commercial license. Our License Allows you to use the content: Free for personal and commercial purpose with attribution. From the day I met them, 2 weeks ago, I have spent 4-6 hours in the forest with them. Connor believes that Remy was the mother of the baby squirrel in the video above, as well as three others. You may also like. “Then I needed to make a decision., — Dani Connor Wild (@DaniConnorWild) June 24, 2020. Tragically, about two weeks ago, Connor found Remy critically injured under a nearby tree. “And so yesterday morning I carried her into the forest and placed dandelions around her.”, Two weeks ago I found her body under a tree. Can’t be a mum forever.”, To follow their journey, follow me on Insta. But more importantly, they trusted me.”, One Baby Squirrel, who loves to chat (he went viral ), also loves pear. Free Download New Latest HD Cute Squirrel Eating Wallpaper Under Squirrel Animals Category For High Quality and High Definition Wide Screen Computer, PC and … Shooting an Entire Wedding Day with the iPhone 11 Pro, This Guy Made an Aerial ‘Street View’ of His Island Nation’s Coastline, Why Canon is Winning Full-Frame Mirrorless, This Guy Watercooled His Canon R5 and Unlocked Unlimited 8K, Photokina Shuttered Indefinitely Due to the Crashing Camera Market, 70 Inspirational Quotes for Photographers, Manufacturer Says ‘Time of Flight’ Sensors to Become Standard in Smartphones, What The? 4. Red fluffy squirrel sits on a stump in the autumn forest and nibbles nuts. But in the midst of her sadness, Connor had something else to worry about. Meet Baby Pear! The squirrels now trust Connor completely, and she will continue to feed them until it’s time for them to go off on their own. “At first they were very nervous. Like. She had been hit by a car. I waited 7 hours in the forest that day to see if any adults would go up the tree. A forest in south korea, a squirrel that carries food. All rights reserved. But the babies were alone. Recorded by young zoologist and wildlife photographer Dani Connor, the short clip of a baby red squirrel eating has been spreading across the Web like wildfire. They slept for most of the day but when they were awake, I was with them.”, At first they were very nervous. She was my favourite squirrel. Do I capture them and rear them in captivity? “From the day I met them, 2 weeks ago, I have spent 4-6 hours in the forest with them. user16680513. Then I needed to make a decision. I post daily and frequently live stream with the squirrels. Save. close up. 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It’s a touching story that has produced some really wonderful photographs and at least one viral video along the way. Like. If you’ve spent any time on social media over the past 48 hours, you’ve probably seen this video. At 12 weeks old, they will become self dependent,” she explains. More info, Eurasian red squirrel, sciurus vulgaris, in front of white background.

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