curaprox toothbrush for braces

Normal brush with approx. 5,460 CUREN® filaments, 0.1 mm in diameter. This is how sonic toothbrushes can truly exploit their benefits: thanks to sonic waves, they also clean where other filaments cannot reach. 500-800 bristles: between the individual bristles, a large amount of plaque gets left on the teeth. The sonic waves are not hampered by the foam but spread out unhindered. This toothbrush incorporates the bracket groove, a special groove for braces: the 5'460 CUREN® filaments clean brackets, teeth and gums gently and carefully. Good luck with your start into a new era of oral hygiene.». What this means in plain English is that a CUREN® filament makes it easy to access particularly critical areas for incredibly soft cleaning of: Each Hydrosonic pack contains a sensitive and a power brush head. Curaprox 5460 soft toothbrush. The brush and tuft head have been designed so the filaments match the gum line anatomy perfectly. It is suitable for use on braces, implants and sensitive gums. A standard toothbrush has 500 - 800, at best perhaps a 1,000 bristles loosely arranged. This is because the round handle has no depression for the thumb and motivates people to hold it with the fingers. The CHS 300 power brush head provides top performance for sonic toothbrush professionals: this power brush head cleans to perfection yet is extremely gentle and effective. View On Amazon. People who also have difficulty with fine motor skills will also find that brushing with the Hydrosonic is a major help. The thousands of densely packed, soft CUREN® filaments make all the difference. Anyone who wants to ensure that the spaces between the teeth are also clean and healthy will be delighted by our Curaprox CPS prime interdental brush range. Curaprox 5460 Ultra Soft Toothbrush Trio Pack. Simple, effective, reliable: three modes with 22,000, 32,000 and even 42,000 brush strokes bring the full power of the CUREN® bristles gently to your teeth and gums. Gums love this toothbrush: thanks to its 5,460 CUREN® filaments. Specially suited to the care of braces, isolated or poorly positioned teeth, implants and bridges. Amazingly few sonic toothbrushes have it: the hydrodynamic effect. More information, Oral Science9575-C, Ignace StreetBrossard, QC J4Y 2P3Phone +1 450 442 7070 Fax +1 450 442 3156E-Mail: [email protected], Copyright © - CURADEN AG All rights reserved, Your gum line, the gateway to oral health, Correct brushing using a manual toothbrush, How to use an interdental brush correctly. The big version has 5,460 individual ultrafine Curen® filaments – at which the CS smart can only smile: it has an incredible 7,600 Curen® filaments and these are even finer, with a diameter of only 0.08mm. CUREN® filaments, 0.10 mm in diameter. In comparison to dental floss they are considerably easier to use and really clean the many tiny crevices between the teeth. CURAPROX Hydrosonic is also recommended for young teeth ensuring effective cleaning right from the start. Specifically for people with braces on their teeth. The CS 5460 ortho for braces This toothbrush has a unique bracket groove. How to use. The swirling bristles thus force this oral fluid to go exactly where it is of importance – but where the bristles cannot reach on their own. This toothbrush provides a CURAPROX brushing experience: 3,960 CUREN® filaments are gentle on gums – and offer superb cleaning power. Even people with sensitive gums finally breathe a sigh of relief as the Hydrosonic encourages a professional approach to dental care. CUREN® filaments, 0.12 mm in diameter. 5,460 CUREN ® filaments clean brackets, teeth and gums gently and carefully giving superb results. Developed in cooperation with the University of Berne. The CHS 300 power brush head provides top performance for sonic toothbrush professionals: this power brush head cleans to perfection, but is extremely gentle and effective. Is it possible, I asked Ueli Saxer, to make a sonic toothbrush that’s better than all the others already available? And on top of that, we also offer the first whitening toothpaste that genuinely boosts your oral health too. Enzycal toothpaste is a particularly mild toothpaste that is gentle on teeth, gums and oral mucosa. The secret of all our toothbrushes – for children or adults, specialist or CS – is in the bristles: our toothbrushes do not use nylon bristles but filaments made of CUREN®, which are incredibly gentle and fine. A perfect match for the anatomy of the gum line: brushing your teeth doesn’t get any better than this. Pitch black and absolutely stunning: the Hydrosonic sonic toothbrush from Curaprox combines performance and design to perfection. People who wish to avoid irritating and controversial toothpaste ingredients will at last be pleased to find that enzycal is the perfect choice, without a mouth ulcer in sight. The most important part of any toothbrush is its bristles. 9 mm-long. In particular, wearers of implants or braces benefit from Hydrosonic’s cleaning performance, as they need to pay particular attention to their oral hygiene. It’s almost impossible to grip with the fist and exert too much pressure. This is the gum line, the sulcus. For children over the age of 5 and for adults. This is the perfect brush for brush connaisseurs. And once the pressure is removed, the gums can recover and even regenerate. But this high-tech brushing power is joy for your gumline. I was curious because Ueli Saxer had been deeply involved in the topic of sonic toothbrushes. Why is this important? Clean has never been so gentle. How to use. An end to pressure: the round handle motivates people to grip with their fingers. «Hydro» means «water»; «dynamic» is also from the Greek and means «force» or «power». Of course I had an ulterior motive. The Hydrosonic offers up to 42,000 strokes per minute and the powerful motor permits three cleaning modes: «Intensive» is ideal for the proper removal of biofilm bacteria. 12'000 filaments, 0.06 mm in diameter. Recommended in particular for braces and implants or simply for the joy of perfect teeth brushing. There’s no better way to brush teeth: tooth by tooth to get the gum line perfectly clean and it is easy on the gums. 4.4 out of 5 stars 47 ratings. Manual toothbrushes generally clean just as well as electric toothbrushes, if used correctly, however there are now more reasons for looking to use the CURAPROX Hydrosonic. Developed in collaboration with the University of Berne. Black is the new white Pitch black and absolutely stunning: the Hydrosonic sonic toothbrush from CURAPROX combines performance and design to perfection. All CURAPROX toothbrushes are designed so that not only do they access these areas well, but also clean them perfectly: This is thanks to the small, compact brush head. The CS smart is smaller – yet bigger: developed for children over the age of 5, our CS smart children’s toothbrush looks just like the CS 5460 ultra soft, the version for grown-ups. In comparison the CURAPROX Hydrosonic ensures that both teeth and gums are efficiently cleaned both gently and softly. In the past, it was something of a challenge to get braces and teeth properly clean, but now there is the CS 5460 ortho with its special, brace-friendly groove. The CHS 200 sensitive brush head is ideal for newcomers to sonic toothbrushes as it is particularly gentle and effective, but with tremendous cleaning performance. The most power you can get outside of a dental office. 5'460 CUREN® filaments, 0.1 mm in diameter. Hydrosonic Pro (Ortho) So professional, so versatile, so simple: our sonic toothbrush eliminates plaque, even in critical areas – from the edge of the gums to hidden niches. The independent «Sonic hydrodynamic task force» recommends the CURAPROX Hydrosonic as one of the very few sonic toothbrushes that actually has this effect – and thus also cleans where the bristles cannot reach: in interdental spaces and periodontal pockets as well as in the niches in implants and braces. The higher the number of the brush, the greater the number of filaments arranged on the brush head. The Hydrosonic toothbrush really is the start of a new era in oral health. Sonic Toothbrush Get a move on. Looks like our successful version for grown-ups, but much smaller - and with even more, even finer filaments. Yes, the Hydrosonic Easy is reliable, thorough, and delivers pure performance. CUREN® allows the bristles to be very fine ensuring there is no  damage to the gums as well as  feeling incredibly good when brushing. Cleaning this gap banishes bacteria and prevents inflammation. If you are looking for an affordable manual toothbrush for braces, this pack of soft toothbrushes from Curaprox contains three toothbrushes which are very gentle on the gums and teeth. Designed for special care following operations, for people with inflammations and during radiotherapy of the oral cavity. Price: $9.28 ($9.28 / Count) Colors are assorted - the color shown is not necessarily the color that will be sent. In the past, it was something of a challenge to get braces and teeth properly clean, but now there is the CS 5460 ortho with its special, brace-friendly groove. CURAPROX CS toothbrushes remove and disrupt plaque more thoroughly – thanks to the extremely dense bristles.

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