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cultural lifestyles and preferences and that the social interac-tion mediated through the visual channel in social media can be an effective mechanism for cultural diffusion. PDF | The article inquires into the uneasiness of sociological systems theory about culture. Culture diffusion definition, the spreading out of culture, culture traits, or a cultural pattern from a central point. The spreading of a culture from one society to another is known as cultural diffusion. Non-material components of culture includes, ideas, values, beliefs and norms whereas, material components of culture are architecture, technology, means of transportation and means of production. Introduction Online social networks allow people to share news about their lives with friends, … Next, using a detailed stick figure drawing, create a real-world example to illustrate each diffusion type. The mixing of world cultu res t hrough di f f erent et hni cit i es, rel i gi ons and nat i onal i t i es has increased with advanced communi cat i on, t ransport at i on and t echnol ogy. Cultural Diffusion Illustrations Instructions: Using your text, lecture notes, or other source for the different types of cultural diffusion, create four different illustrations that show your understanding of each. Common Cultural Di ffu si o n s As discussed earlier culture comprises of material and non-material components. There are many cultures in the world which are contact in one way or other with one another. types of regions copy.pages U1.day1.HW.reading 5 themes.pages Unit 1 Review.pages CUltural Diffusion Sort Stack.key Types of Regions Sort.docx Unit 1 Review.pages Cultural Diffusion Sort PDF.pdf See more. The process of diffusion is due to the spread of cultural traits.Both the material and non-material cultural traits transmit from one society to another. Cultural diffusion has happened throughout history and is happening today. First, briefly describe how each type of diffusion spreads. Cultural diffusion is the spre ad of cul t ural bel i ef s and social act i vit i es f rom one group t o anot her. Over äme, the Vildngs adopted the Slavs' culture. Cultural Diffusion Sort PDF.pdf Types of Maps.pages defining place.pages u1.week2.TXT.L2 tech and maps copy.pages U1.day3.TXT2. One example would be food, such as tacos or sushi that has spread from its place of origin to diverse parts of the world. While divisions between Vikings and Slavs disap- peared, the society was sharply split between the great mass of peasants and the few nobles. What is Cultural Diffusion. The mechanization or mode of transport may be migration, or war, or even trade.

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