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Collapse the current comment thread. How often is this shortcut used in all programs? email. Look at Current keys (or Currently assigned to) to see whether the combination of keys is already assigned to a command or other item. Right arrow key. Ctrl+Delete: Delete one word to the right; Ctrl+C: Copy or graphics to the Clipboard text; Ctrl+X: Cut selected text or graphics to the Clipboard; Ctrl+V: Paste the Clipboard contents; Ctrl+F3: Cut selected text to the Spike. In Word, you can choose to paste text using the formatting of the source, destination, or just pure text. Ctrl+T Create a new tab in an Internet browser or adjust tabs in word processors. Shortcut rank. Begin keyboard shortcuts with CTRL or a function key. Shortcut rating. If you always want one of the options, set it as the default for pasted text. Shift + Ctrl + M Ctrl + Shift + M. Restrict to only Ctrl + Shift + M. Share this page on: email. Ctrl - R to right align. Up arrow key. 147. Go to the next comment thread, or the next reply in an expanded comment thread. Ctrl+R Reload page in browser or right align text in a word processor. Higher is easier. Ctrl+Alt+M. Ctrl + Shift + V (124 programs) 147. Go to the previous comment thread. Ctrl + 3 (124 programs) 152. Ctrl - L to left align. The Spike is an interesting variant on the regular clipboard. Set default paste options. Shortcut rank. Ctrl - M to indent. How easy to press this shortcut, out of 100. Ctrl - J to justify. Ctrl+M Indent selected text in word processors and other programs. 85. Move to the reply box, when focus is on a comment. 85. Ctrl - E to centre. Ctrl + Shift + E (124 programs) 147. In the Press new shortcut key box, press the combination of keys that you want to assign. Ctrl+N: New (window, document, etc.) Shortcut rating. email. For example, press CTRL plus the key that you want to use. Expand the current comment thread. Here are just some of the useful ones for Microsoft Word. Ctrl+S Save the document or file. How easy to press this shortcut, out of 100. Ctrl+N Create a new page or document. By default, Word preserves the original formatting when you paste content into a document using CTRL+V, the Paste button, or right-click + Paste. Tab key, Tab key, Enter . Higher is easier. 329. Ctrl+O Open a file in most programs. Alt + Q (54 programs) 329. How often is this shortcut used in all programs? Down arrow key. Action: [Ctrl] + [m] Effect: indent the entire paragraph Put your cursor anywhere in a paragraph and Ctrl + M, and that paragraph alone is indented. Alt + Ctrl + M Ctrl + Alt + M. Restrict to only Ctrl + Alt + M. Share this page on: email. Ctrl+P Open a print window to print the page you're viewing. Ctrl+M: Increase margin by 1/2 inch (word processing) Same as Enter key. You can keep cutting text to the Spike and Word remembers it all. Left arrow key.

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