cost of outdoor wood burning fireplace

All manufactured wood-burning fireplaces must meet EPA PM emission standards as established in 1990. In addition, an outdoor fireplace allows residents to cook al fresco, which is a big help during hot summer months. Get free custom quotes from qualified pros in your area. Fireplace installation costs between $100 and $5,600 depending on the type. A chimney flue typically costs $1,200 to install on average, with prices ranging from $58 to $80 per linear foot. Sadly, most leaks occur at the top of your fireplace. Hold each in place for 30 seconds. Each manufacturer issues specific venting requirements it has determined based on several factors. There are several different types of fuel-powered fireplaces and installations, namely gas, electric, and wood-burning, so the prices differ quite a bit. This is no DIY job because of the danger of smoke inhalation if it's not done right. Before signing a contract, get 3 to 5 quotes from reputable fireplace installers and select the best one. Unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks to installing an outdoor fireplace. Similar to a leak, you should not pay more than $400 to fix a fireplace crown. A ventless gas fireplace will cost about $1,200 less to install. If you install a combustion air inlet kit, it will need to be run to the main control panel too. Masonry work will be the most expensive customization you can do to improve the overall aesthetic and is not typically done by the professional installing the firebox. Check online reviews on HomeGuide and Google. Of course, we oftentimes can’t avoid certain repairs. Sadly, any fireplace is not a set it and forget type of home feature. Measure the distance from your gas meter to the location of the new fireplace to estimate the cost to install an interior gas line, which could be from 5’ to 50’ long. No one likes to see that wide a cost range, but due to the numerous price factors, it’s no surprise the minimum and max price are so different. Electric fireplaces are safe and more practical than traditional open-hearth fireplaces. Although the primary objective of an outdoor fireplace is generally to provide light and warmth, a few extra additions can really amplify your fireplace addition. Additional charges may come with masonry work used to build a surround structure of the firebox, such as a hearth. Nonetheless, according to national estimates, the average cost to professionally install an outdoor fireplace ranges between $1,400 and $20,000. How Much Do Interlocking Driveway Pavers Cost? Venting is essential to clean the smoke or polluted air out of your living room. If you have breathing problems, like asthma, it's not recommended that you install this type of system. Installing an outdoor fireplace can get expensive, but knowing the biggest price factors, such as pre-fab or custom and fireplace materials, can go a long way in decreasing your outdoor fireplace cost. Requires wiring installation and ongoing electricity costs. Approximate Maximum Cost of a Professionally-Installed Outdoor Fireplace: $20,000. They require no clearance between combustible materials (like paneling, walls, or wood) and themselves, because they maintain a cool exterior. In a recent survey of real estate agents, more than 83% see fireplaces adding between $1,000 and $4,999 to the home’s resale value. Luckily, small cracks can be fixed for as little as $200. This type of ventilation is called a direct-vent system. A fireplace is known for giving the best feeling of home, with a warm and cozy ambiance. It's recommended to get a yearly chimney inspection for $125 which covers the venting, pilot light, fan, and burner. Like most fireplace projects, we highlight recommend you call in the pros. Add that to the price of the glass doors of your choice to get a reasonable estimate. A free-standing gas fireplace will cost from $1,705 to $4,291, which includes professional installation. Add these three numbers together to get the total square footage of the front of your fireplace. The far more expensive option is a fully customized fireplace, which can cost upwards of $8,000, but it may be worth it for the unique and upscale look it brings to your home.

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