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SCOPE This code applies to all directors, officers, managers and employees of Credicorp and its subsidiaries, who must read and agree to comply with the principles contained therein. This Code was prepared as a tool for improvement and for the prevention of possible crimes and improper conduct. Group Committee in accordance with internal and external standards and in accordance with established procedures for solving reported cases and queries in criminal and other matters. � D��uk����1$W�1 �#��D2�[ Corporate Code of Ethics Having formulated a Corporate Code of Ethics, ElringKlinger is living up to its social responsibility. stream The Corporate Code of Ethics represents a concrete commitment for the respect of the needs of all stakeholders and its primary purpose is to prevent the commission of wrongful acts or crimes. Remedial actions … �u�1#���p�µT�B9��| �u����K���-�q�a��V3�*U�F�(U���R� �"k�P����(����a����;Ӈ}5/m�l���ͻXAfU�hqfaT�2X0 r#��x�Q��Rj��L�u��^g6��}z?F����m�{���0l�z��dX2 s����P�z�*��d���$W(�k��"�X�%�pS�!�ޥ�_���E���!�'|� w�iO�����-o��Y�=��,��Oc'�J�i:� Disclaimer: This policy template is meant to provide general guidelines and should be used as a reference. 8 d) to reduce share capital, mergers with other companies or de-mergers in order to cause harm to corporate creditors; e) to increase share capital fictitiously in any manner or form; iii. We must not improperly influence, manipulate or mislead any audit, nor interfere with any auditor engaged to perform an independent audit of Pilot … <> Corporate Code of Ethics and Conduct of the Rover Alcisa Group and Group Companies Rev. %PDF-1.4 Nombre Documento: Corporate Code o Ethics Código Documento: CCEC18 – v.2 Fecha: 21/09/2018 Página 6 de 11 Autor: Rafael Ortiz • Those allowed by the applicable legislation and the legislation in the client’s, partner’s or entity’s country to whom the gift is offered or by whom it is received. 1. These standards of behaviour shall be demonstrated by all Customs employees and are to serve as a guide when making decisions and taking actions. %PDF-1.4 stream 5 0 obj Code of Ethics | GEN-SOP-01-002 | Audit Committee/Office of the Corporate Secretary . The Code was requested and approved by the Board of Directors. CORPORATE CODE OF BUSINESS ETHICS AND CONDUCT Compliance with Laws, Rules and Regulations All Employees are responsible for complying with the various laws, rules and regulations of the countries and regulatory authorities that affect the Company’s business. ��٭5WJ���ѷ@K2"E��3re %�쏢 D�����lj��9� *3�oOx�2������e4���s��_���~�x�N���D�DJ7Jw���ž��D��;I�#;����ct�f��rw��{!c�Ӻ&tF_���;?�w�����S��Q �w�{P7��蚿�� �u��~�S� ��G~�^�RF It may not take into account all relevant local, state or federal laws and is not a legal document. %�쏢 )��6�2��+Vq���g 8�t �����w�P���?���ą��7F�ҚƉd|ڋB�Ke��볭��t�{��e[��Ү�3�* �^ ?��`�LLy��[�M��d���d ��\c%�0�������ǁ0�2��y�� �d��ޏ����J�[�N7F观�{���(�� 2�s� uX��,�����ϣ~�W�/��f{"tW�0G�;����L��&0HxZ���������E����p��Q�GEXG)���RT��A�CJ"��e�S���K�K"���ۋ�j�SߞF�N3��*���� 9��o^��9PrI��3����#�BS�s�3Ť��zX��4� ���4���� jwoXpD şee��� c�glA�uϳY_�� �ǀ�0��1� hU�����(@�(��$� Purpose The purpose of this document is to set forth a code of ethics for certain senior officers of Inc. Adobe (“Adobe”). We expect each of our employees to feel personally responsible for complying with this code and to support his or her colleagues in realizing its objectives. Corporate Code of Ethics 2019. x��[s嶑�k_�+�[t�"���6#i.�X�%�$S��-Ǟ��_o���@� �$�$HG��T\�ƍ�F�M�0�iÿ�����te6���m�&���G��F��ś���?l���g��mn>���s����(���l��懣�����׍i��7�}�i'�����������Q�mNt�t��{(��6� ̂cu#%���k��R��vlsb����Գ�j��������2+��ޞ��(k��o)�-c��BLi?��mOTc�fc��9��U��6]�{��|�m��]�N�\~ں�Y�T���LW]u��}y��F�ډ���/�Q_t�hӵ�o����}m���gG�F�p|�W*��\8����F�֚���cÏ��Ր�׭iEWe!mi ���Ⴚ����e�S"���׫k[��`'��K}�e�q\�M��5��L��"_����-��D��t,{�O��O���=F3A��#��+"o��J��v��i���Cv�i>�P��*S�*Sb�,s}�C_�e��˾�03�{��t�3z6}����7ԍw�r �C�7K�>��.M~�q�c���-�H�IEDž ��*�D���) ���1�3P�E� %V�zV.�! ��D(�:����g�ű�+3t]O��P���6��M���p� YQv��TS�J��������{}�S��j����Q���g���N�9��kh�G �#��;����/�t�W�3����_6?�EU7��)�ѱ��^��ˢ1�[���ϔ���{��z6c҈���ތ�*� �o�����ß�W���}`���4�@����~8�7��>ѩt/��x�O�73?8���V9�ŷ뼓�o_�I&6L�y]R�y��3��vc���0�8i���B�?b�:��+�z�Mk�����yc� ����C�&�ĵ�s��{f)�M��F(��T�~��W�!Y�c��� �n}�i��/��V�4 �I7�Bo}�nFY���|�I?`��\��8��e�ə��B2��Tg=8c�9�|�jĎ���)��)D�B������������5�����7�|���A�_i����=��̿L����ȃ����^kl��&��ol�۵m�����[� We stand by our corporate values every day, and endeavor to implement them in our daily business activities and in our relationships with our various stakeholders. Corporate codes of ethics: necessary but not sufficient SimonWebleyandAndreaWerner n While most large companies around the world now have a code of ethics, reported ethical malpractice among some of these does not appear to be abating. H�E�Z#S h�. Code of Ethics and Business Conduct ... All corporate records must be true, accurate and complete, and company data must be promptly and accurately entered in our books in accordance with Pilot’s and other applicable accounting principles.

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