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Most of these galaxies are named after the constellation in which they are located. Atlas. … Astrid: Swedish Space Corporation's first microsatellite. However, not all the galaxies have names. Edwin Hubble 1889-1953 American first to measure distance to the Andromeda nebula, establishing it to be a separate galaxy; later measured distances to other galaxies and discovered that they recede at a rate proportional to their distance (Hubble's law) Electra. Boys names like Galaxy: Hazmat, Eridanus, Dimitri, Altair, ... Magic Baby Names is a unique search site with 101,418 names collected from 2,564,199 family trees, containing 126,611,027 people. ⌁Galaxℽ⌁. Gavidarne. Eris. Black Eye Galaxy. Comet. It is a galaxy which was discovered by Edward Pigott in March 1779 and independently by Johann... 3. Hubble. With that in mind, here are more business names I came up with: Space Live Outer space may be cold and bleak and unspeakably huge, but at least it's full of far-out objects with bonkers-sounding names like "blitzar," "black dwarf," and "dark energy star." 1. Already copied to the clipboard. Equinox. This galaxy, 270 million light-years from Earth, is in the constellation Centaurus. Luna. PixyGalaxy. It is a spiral galaxy approximately 2.5 million light-years from Earth and the nearest major galaxy to the... 2. Maybe you've always been entranced by outer space, or the prospect of having a child is making you think about our place in the universe. GalaxyPixy. Callisto. Aerolite. The galaxy is at a distance of 24 million light-years from our Earth and as sitting in the constellation called Coma Berenices. Galaxy. 〖Gaℓaאָy〗. Fenrir. One of the amazing galaxies can be known by various names such as Evil Eye Galaxy, Sleeping Beauty Galaxy, Messier 64 (or M64), PKS 1254+21, UGC 8 and NGC 4826. In reality, this is a system of two galaxies: The “dolphin” is actually part … Fermi. Amalthea: M oon of Jupiter, surface of large craters and mountains. One look at the Porpoise Galaxy, or NGC 2936, will tell you exactly where the name comes from. Most of the time, galaxies are referred to by their catalog number. Here are some suggestions for names inspired by the solar system and all things cosmic. Andromeda. Generate another. Bode's Galaxy. Gaia. Against the void of space, galaxy ESO 381-12 seems to bloom. Some of the most popular galaxy names you might have come across include Andromeda, Cartwheel Galaxy, Pinwheel Galaxy, Sunflower Galaxy, Whirlpool Galaxy, etc. Taking a celestial approach to naming your new arrival will give your baby's name a timeless appeal. Europa. Eridanus. Virgo. Random nickname generator for Galaxy. For example, some names could be: BlueBeyond, Galactic Gear, Star & Stellar or EarthsEssence. Celestia. Ariel: The brightest moon of Uranus. Nicknames for Galaxy. Journey through this collection of over 100 celestial baby names – inspired by the galaxy, stars and constellations, planets and their moons, astronauts, space travel, and more. Baby boy names inspired by the solar system Andromeda: Its galaxy was named after a princess in Greek mythology, and means "ruler of man". It looks just like a dolphin, though some say it looks more like a penguin protecting an egg.

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