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and your site (JustBento) turned up in my Google search. Kyla, Hi Maki Generally secretive, there isn’t much information on Cookpad. I've been hoping and hoping to be able to cook recipes from Cookpad. :). The company went public in 2009 and has reported a profit touching $19 million. Eating at home every day is naturally a lot healthier than eating outside. Thank you for sharing! Tomoya says Cookpad’s mission is to make every day cooking fun. We love homestyle Japanese food but I can't read enough kanji to use Japanese cookbooks. What a great resource! With school starting here very soon, my intense focus on Bento boxes returns and I am interested in how other people eat! See recipes for ONIGIRI (Japanese dish in Indian style) too. How could I have missed this precious Japanese cooking resource! You were my first intro to Bento and still are my favorite cook; we must have similar taste in food. Talent is always a challenge for us, but we eventually hope to overcome this challenge,” Tomoya says. In places like Japan, women, typically housewives, cook every day and are not necessarily appreciated. The recipes are not limited to stereotypically Japanese ones - they cover the whole gamut of home cooking in Japan, and many types of cuisines. “The ingredients and skill sets are things we can impact through technology,” Tomoya says. Have you ever shared your recipes on the Japanese site by the way? This must be the most comprehensive, well designed and pleasant Japanese recipe site I have ever seen. Japan, Tomoya says, is a small country and we want to establish ourselves on a global scale. I took a new job this year and all my workmates have complimented me on my healthy and beautiful lunches. This window into home life in Japan is so intriguing. Cookpad is the largest recipe site and cooking community in Japan, with millions of contributed recipes. for granted and find myself wishing for her food ETA: I've noticed a few typos and such here and there. We also understand that it takes time because we are a community-based business.”. Thanks so much for sharing this with us! There are people providing and delivering readymade food and the global trend is veering against us. By simply making every day cooking fun, the team feels they can make an impact on many issues that people are facing, including food security, environmental issues and healthcare. The foodtech business is touted to be worth $50 billion and currently, the world is increasingly dominated by food delivery Swiggy. If you're interested in everyday Japanese home cooking, it promises to be a valuable resource. This is why global members are here and we are discussing the best way to enter this market,” Tomoya says. Oh my goodness! I suggest that you contact Cookpad directly via their Feedback email address at help at cookpad dot com. This site is now booked-marked on my tablet. The initial phase was acquiring companies in countries like India, Indonesia and Lebanon. Tomoya says there is a small challenge. 簡単♡低糖質♡バスク風チーズケーキ by aico@キッチン. The reason I am here is to discuss entry into new markets with one of the biggest new markets being India. With over 6.8 million recipes, Japanese online recipe-sharing platform Cookpad wants to make every day cooking fun and is expanding operations in India. Hello everyone..Im filipino ship cook, can someone help me to categorize japanese food. I never have, but I may give it a try some day (but not for Japanese recipes probably...maybe for a Provençal recipe or something ^_^). The official app of "Cookpad", Japan's largest cooking recipe search and posting service. I was even able to find the English translation of the Shumai Wrapped in Cabbage recipe that she recommended! We built a platform to reach the table from the farm. Sano holds over 44 percent stake in the company, which is worth $1 billion. Tomoya says one of the key developments in Japan was the mobile feature phone, which was a key driver of growth.

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