common marmoset for sale

Canned Marmoset food and biscuits are common, but the Marmoset get bored quickly of the same foods and will require you switch it up for them. We will not ship our marmoset monkeys through the airlines. They live to be up to 18 years of age in captivity and require constant attention in the form of exercise, activities, and training. Marmoset babies . Be the first! $2800. Marmoset Monkeys for Sale Behavior of Common Marmosets With an average lifespan of 12 years in the wild, marmoset monkeys are normally found in countries like Brazil and Argentina, with species that breed in various forest types which include coastal and dry forests. They are a particular species of marmoset in the genus Callithrix. They are complex creatures that have a lot of specific requirements that make it nearly impossible to replicate their natural habitat and stimuli. ALSO KNOWN AS A MARMOSET MONKEY. Crickets and grasshoppers will suffice. You can do this by keeping your monkey and its habitat clean, washing your hands frequently, and avoiding cross contamination. We breed Marmoset and Cotton Top Tamarins, some of the smallest monkeys in the world weighing under 1 … Things like ladders, tunnels, slides, mirrors, hammocks, and plants will give them things to do with their time. Our baby monkeys are home raised, babies are diaper trained, litter trained , use clothes and likes to lay around, watch TV and take snaps with you. A hand-reared common marmoset will obviously be more expensive than a parent raised marmoset. We do not touch up or edit photos other than cropping to fit the page. Marmoset monkeys are native to South America mostly, but due to their over population in the pet trade, can be found all over the world. They are terribly cute and its very difficult to let each baby go to their new homes, I wish we could keep them all! But actually, this is something you need to take very seriously. a guide on the feeding and basic care, play toys and some food supplies which can last for about a week. $1,200. If you are searching for finger monkeys for sale or any monkeys for sale, this guide will help you.. All pictures are taken with the best possible lighting but the color may appear different in person or as the baby ages, colors are not guaranteed. Marmosets For Sale. Please contact for more information if interested in any of our monkeys. They are well known for their distinct musky odor they use to differentiate one another and their foul smelling urine … Once you have done extensive research, and are ready to purchase a baby now, text or call me at, Pickup or Delivery must be made within 7 days of Ready Date or a, $20 per day fee will be charged for boarding, Total balance due at pickup or before arranged transportation. When a Marmoset feels emotionally neglected, it will let out high pitched shrills and shrieks, become destructive, and even may bite or scratch itself for attention. Can text pictures to you. Marmoset Monkeys are a small, but highly intelligent species of monkey that are kept as exotic pets and often for medical research. Usda facility babies handraised in our home 36 years experience. They are complex creatures that have a lot of specific requirements that make it nearly impossible to replicate their natural habitat and stimuli. Keeping Marmoset requires a special legal permit and one of the most significant requirements is having a primate specific veterinarian close by. Like humans, Marmoset easily contract colds and viruses, even HIV and other “human disease” so its important to exercise the same caution with them as you would your entire family. They have distinctive large white ear tufts and their tail is striped, with alternate wide dark and narrow pale bands. Since their brain stimulation is one of the most important factors of their care, providing them with meal worm and bugs twice per weak will hold their attention for some time.

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