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Missed the Last PsychAssist Article? Don’t be annoyed or upset if you weren’t lucky this year, this process is one of the most competitive in the country. PsychAssist Tip: I don’t think there’s really a tip for this section other than, a massive well done if you are one of the 16% that made it on that year. Thanks for reading this week’s article by PsychAssist. Don’t know what to do with your Degree? There is such thing as “over-preparing” for an interview but the worst thing you can do in an interview is regurgitate a psychology book and think that will get you onto the course. There are no specific dates for when an applicant is notified of an admission decision, however, the department tries to notify all potential students by April 1st. Nevertheless if you’re a recent graduate (and anything like I was), you probably have never heard of the Clinical Psychology Doctorate. By continuing without changing your cookie settings, you agree to this collection. Check out 6 Jobs for A Psychology Graduate straight out of university? Together we WILL GET YOU ON THE COURSE!!! Check out Mind-set of an Assistant Psychologist, Get Advice from our Twitter: @Psych_Assist. Hello Applying to graduate programs takes time. The specific dates for clinical interviews are decided each year and are are only notified to those applicants who are chosen for an interview. Check out the 5 Application Mistakes by Psychology Graduates. The advice I give to people is, it’s not a no, it’s a not now, so remember that as you drown your sorrows. Becoming a clinical psychologist – a psychologist that specializes in research and/or treatment of mental health – involves a variety of graduate training routes. Change ), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), What to Expect in A Clinical Doctorate Interview, 5 Application Mistakes by Psychology Graduates. Admissions decisions will be made by mid-February. You know that air of optimism from Psychology Graduates feeling confident that this is “Their Year” to get onto the Clinical Psychology Doctorate. The psychology subject test consists of 205 questions drawn from coursework students take in undergraduate psychology programs in areas such as cognitive, developmental, and clinical psychology. Nevertheless if you’re a recent graduate (and anything like I was), you probably have never heard of the Clinical Psychology Doctorate. I bet you’ve heard at least one of these Psychology Graduate Myths and believed it! ( Log Out /  The First Year [course medium PSYC 601] [course medium PSYC 615D1] [course medium PSYC 615D2] [course medium PSYC 616D1] [course medium PSYC 616D2] [course medium PSYC 617D1] [course medium PSYC 617D2] [course medium PSYC 618D1] [course … My advice would be to have up to 2/3 people that you trust, look over your application as too much feedback could steer you off course. Completed applications should be received at Yale by Dec. 1st. Each university has their specifics of the types of candidates they are looking for which again; you can see this on the Leeds Clearing House Website. It really is an art form so make sure you take your time with it as you have around 2 months until the window closes. It’s that time of year again. By June, everyone who had an interview and was offered a place will have to either accept or reject their places. Timeline: Clinical Psychology Doctorate Application Process, What to Expect in A Clinical Doctorate Interview – PsychAssist, How to choose which DClinPsy Course is Right for You – PsychAssist, Why Psychology is A Dying Discipline – PsychAssist, Is It Time To Scrap The DClinPsy Screening Tests? Ph.D. All you have to do is login to the Leeds Clearing House Website and either start a new application or edit a previous application (Leeds Clearing House ). Please refer to the Degree R equirements for more information on the classes offered in the clinical program. Some universities will also have either a group task or will show you a video to discuss. Best of luck if this is your first year applying. Once you have sat the screening tests for these universities, and meet the threshold (or in the top X percentage) you’ll be invited to interview. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. This varies from universities, however majority have guidelines on what to expect and even links to how best to prepare for these. Each university will have their own schedule of interviews; however majority of interviews do take place between March and May. You have a very limited word count for each section which makes the task of displaying all your amazing qualities, that much harder. Now there is no set date when you will find out if fate has smiled down on you; however there is a deadline for all universities to make their decisions by. Just Graduated? For more information, please see our University Websites Privacy Notice. September 10, 2020: PSYCAS will begin accepting applications online; submit applications as early as possible, since it takes time to process application materials. – PsychAssist, Questions In My First Assistant Psychologist Interview, Getting that elusive ‘relevant experience’…A List of Relevant Experience from A Consultant Forensic Psychologist, How to Apply For A PhD….Serkan’s Story (part 6), How Grit & Determination Leads To Success…Olivia’s Story. You have a maximum of 4 universities that you can apply to which gives you the flexibility to choose the 4 that suit you the best. Ok, this happens around the end of November/beginning of December which gives around 2 months to complete the application (I know it sounds like a long time but it really does go superfast). Admissions Timeline. Timelines for Applying to Graduate Programs. The timeline below describes a course and practicum program timeline for graduate students in the Clinical psychology area. You are also given an extra few weeks to hand in any additional paperwork that needs to accompany your application which could range from Academic References to Proof of GBC. ( Log Out /  The application is a monster in itself and before you think it’s a lengthy application; let me tell you that it’s not; however that’s the point. If an applicant is offered admission to the University they must then make their decision by April 15th to whether or not they are attending UConn. These can occur at the doctoral (PhD or PsyD) or master’s levels (and a related possibility is a PhD in Counseling Psychology; additionally, for those seeking to take a medical approach, including the prescription of medication, training to become a psychiatrist – i.e., the holder of an MD or DO degree – is an avenue). Program in Clinical Psychology Application Instructions . ( Log Out /  View all posts by psychassistblog. So many people get rejected year after year applying to Universities that aren’t suitable and then once they take the advice, somehow manage to get on. I am also the founder of PsychAssist, a blog that is aimed at Psychology graduates to help find their way within this crazy career option. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Now for most universities, before you reach the interview stage, you’re most likely to sit a screening test. ( Log Out /  This date is by the beginning of June. Please address all questions to Andrea Chamba. It’s that time of year again. The ETS provides interpretative information for the subjects tests , … This is an approximate guideline for when you can expect to hear back from the department and/or preferred faculty advisors. This is an approximate guideline for when you can expect to hear back from the department and/or preferred faculty advisors. Below is a timeline for the Psychological Sciences PhD Program application process. The interviews do have recurring themes throughout the country and consist of an academic interview, a clinical interview and a suitability interview (which means they want to see what your like as a person). The reason for this is because the course is essentially also a job, so things like DBS checks and drawing up contracts does take time. PsychAssist Tip: Have someone you trust (preferably someone in the field of Clinical Psychology) look over your application; however be very careful on the AMOUNT of people read your application (too many chefs and all that!). International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS), Psychological Sciences Graduate Student Handbook, IT Work Orders and A/V Sign out Reservations, The Behavioral Neuroscience Division (PhD), The Behavioral Neuroscience Division: Masters Option, The Perception, Action, Cognition Division: Ecological, The Perception, Action, Cognition Division: Language and Cognition, Graduate Certificate in Health Psychology, Psychology Resources and Librarian Contact, Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Resources. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. My name is Abdi and I am currently an Assistant Psychologist within the NHS.

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