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circuit (lungs), -left side pumps oxygenated blood out to body/tissues, fibers in AV nodes that enter both ventricles; stimulate contraction, period of ventricular contraction; blood forced out, total volume of blood forced out of left ventricle per minute, volume of blood forced out of left v per contraction, mouth--> pharynx (throat/epiglottis) --> esophagus --> stomach --> small intestine --> large intestine (colon), -enzyme that breaks down carbs (starch-->maltose), flap that covers trachaea; prevents food/liquid from entering trachea during eatings, muscle contractions that move food down esophagus, acidified food mix created by stomach; enters SI via pyloric sphincter, where food passes between stomach & small intestine, -small intestine cells that release secretin, -endocrine hormone released by small intestine S-cells, -enzyme released by cells lining small intestine, -bile increasing surface area that lipases can act on, -outside villi of epithelial lining in SI, absorption/excretion of water and solutes to maintain water balance/pressure between organism and env, maintain osmolarity (balance/pressure) of blood, excretes wastes, conserves glucose/salts/water, plasma pH, bulb shaped body @ end of convoluted tubules; contains glomerulus, dense ball of capillaries inside Bowman's capsule, -acids/bases/ions/H+/drugs/toxins secreted into filtrate from interstitial fluids surrounded capillary network, -glucose/salts/AAs/water reabsorbed from filtrate and returned to the blood, -liver releases glucose---> breakdown of glycogen, production of glycogen or glucose by noncarb precursors, -inner wall of uterus where fertilized egg attaches, -opening at lower end of uterus; connected to vagina, animals with bilateral symmetry have greater increase in nerve tissue @ anterior end, -fluid filled cavity that develops from tissue derived from mesoderm. 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PEP carboxylase combines PEP and CO2 to form OAA, -location of ETC; site of oxidative phosphorylation/chemiosmosis, -something other than oxygen used as terminal e acceptor, -chlorphyll a; forms photosystem II pigment cluster, -electrons re-energized in PS1 combine with original ETC to generate additional ATP; return back to PS1 instead of incorporating into NADPH, fluid material that fills chloroplasts; where Calvin cycle occurs, -stacks in chloroplasts where light reactions occur, -moves CO2 from mesophyll to bundle sheath; inc. co2 fixation due to dec. oxygen, -photosynthesis can occur during day while stomata are closed, 2 golgi vesicles fuse; outgrowth/merge to separate into 2 cells (plants), microfilaments in center of cell between 2 nuclei form contractile ring; shorten--->separate cells (animals) (centrioles), -2 genetically identical daughter cells; each diploid with 2n chromosomes consisting of 1 chromatid, -4 genetically variable daughter cells; each haploid (n) consisting of chromosomes consisting of 1 chromatids, fertilzation of gametes to create diploid 2n zygotes, -metaphase 1; determination of which chromosomes migrate to which pole based on tetrad orientation on metaphase plate; completely random, -activated by cyclin protein; activate proteins that regulate the cell cycle by phosphorylating them, -during metaphase; ensures microtubules are properly connected to kinetochores, when both gametophyte body and sporophyte body are multicellular; ferns, 1 member of each homologous pair migrates to different poles so that each gamete is haploid/contains only 1 copy of the allele, offspring from crosses among F1 generation, heterozygous condition is a blend of individual expressions from both alles; ex: R codes for red flowers/r codes for white flowers; Rr produces pink flowers, when both inherited alleles are completely express; ex: AB blood type produces both A markers and B markers, more than 2 possible alleles for a given trait; ex: ABO blood type has 3 possible alleles (Ia, Ib, & i), 1 gene affects phenotypic expression of another gene, when 1 GENE can have MORE THAN 1 PHENOTYPIC EXPRESSION; ex: round seeds have better starch metabolism than wrinkled seeds; Sickle Cell Anemia sickle-shaped cells has worse oxygen transport, the interaction of MANY GENES to shape a SINGLE PHENOTYPE; ex: height; continuous variation, ailure of one/more chromosomes pairs or chromatids to separate during mitosis or meiosis, chromosomes undergo meiotic nondisjunction and produce gametes with twice the number of chromosomes. They serve as quick reference guides for reviewing material. Over 500 practice questions to further help you brush up on from your Reading List will also remove any CO2 fixing efficiency is reduced; rubisco isn't only fixing co2, its not fixing o2 too, organelles near chloroplasts that breakdown photorespiration products, 1.

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