clematis texensis 'ruby wedding

A probable descendant of Clematis viticella and Jackmanii strains plus Clematis texensis, ‘Gravetye Beauty’ was given to William Robinson in 1914, who named it after his British manor home. Clematis Clematis. Botanical name. Sie benötigt im März einen Rückschnitt auf 30 bis 50 Zentimeter über dem Erdboden. Less tall than other texensis hybrids - growing to about 6 ft. July - September flowers. Clematis Tex. I particularly want clematis with red flowers to complement the many purple-flowering perennials already in the garden, and the genes for red colouring have also persisted in several cultivars of this species. Clematis texensis 'Ruby Wedding' (S) gehört in die dritte Rückschnittgruppe. Ruby Wedding Clematis Ruby Wedding is a plant that will be welcomed in any garden, very bright and vibrant in colour, long flowering period too. Clematis 'Ruby Wedding', 'Ruby Wedding' Genus. Buy this plant for anyone who has a Ruby Wedding coming up and they will remember it forever. The hot and dry Texas heritage of ruby-red C. texensis has persisted into the modern cultivars, making them resilient in hot weather. 'Ruby Wedding' Deep ruby-red, tulip-shaped flowers, opening, wider to display a large spreading boss of cream stamens. Variety or Cultivar 'Ruby Wedding' _ 'Ruby Wedding' is a deciduous, perennial climber with pinnate, dark green leaves and, from midsummer to early autumn, goblet-shaped, red to crimson flowers with cream stamens. Email Address: Name: Dieser Schnitt beugt dem Verkahlen der Pflanze von unten her vor. Clematis 'Ruby Wedding' Other names.

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