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We promise we won’t pass your details on to anyone else. The minimum size should be 18 x18 inches 45 x 45cm; the larger the better. Get yourself designer pots & containers this season, under the vision and guidance of one of the world's top garden designers. If you know little about this plant or nothing at all, then you’re in for a treat as we’re about to dive in real deep in explaining what should be done when growing this crop. Genus Clematis can be deciduous or evergreen shrubs or herbaceous perennials, mostly climbing by twining leaf-stalks, and often with showy flowers. A regular contributor to magazines, newspapers and BBC Radio, Andy lectures widely at home and abroad. It can also require a little more attention than your usual plant. Be very gentle when planting it, because the roots are very fragile. The best varieties include: Fleuri, with its very deep velvety purple flowers and the deep purple- blue Chevalier; it produces single, semi-double, and fully double flowers at the same time on the same plant. Andy has over thirty years experience as a practical horticulturist and consultant. Steps To Growing Clematis in Pots Clematis crops are really tall, a bushy vine that takes a lot of space. For the best displays and repeat flowering, it’s worth starting containers early in the year. If you grow your Clematis in a garden, that’s good, it won’t require that much attention. If the clematis is healthy and in a freeze-safe container that is at least 2 … Because of their free flowering habit they lend themselves to enhancing a patio area or deck garden where it is not possible to grow the plants directly in the garden soil. Plant the clematis with its crown at least 1 inch below the potting soil surface. You should also choose something that looks robust and a little bit He has designed and advised on gardens of all sizes and was responsible for the Hillier Gold Medal winning exhibit at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower for 25 years. Its pom-pom flowers are a deep mauve -pink and will last up to four weeks; it flowers from late spring until early autumn and will grace any patio or deck garden. Keep this simple rule in mind: leave last year’s growth until mid-spring, and start pruning only when you’re able to see which vines are dead and which are starting to leaf out. The very pale, but delightful The Countess of Wessex has white flowers, but each sepal has a faint splash of pale pink to its centre, this is a  great favourite of mine, I just cannot resist white flowers. Clematis is a climbing type of plant, which means it needs something to hold on to, if not it will stop growing. During winter, if the Clematis is healthy then it wouldn’t require all that much protection. Clematis love plenty of water but do not like wet feet during autumn and winter. Clematis Kingfisher has similar large flowers and strong foliage. Growing clematis in containers is a great choice for many gardeners who are looking for interesting and beautiful flowering plants for decks, patios, or even containers to place out within borders and gardens.. Clematis Josephine is extremely popular and ideal for container culture. If you prefer the deep pink shades then you must consider using the delightful Sally, or this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show introduction Endellion, they may grow a little taller reaching 4-5 ft (1.2-1.5m). Special interests include hardy shrubs, trees, herbaceous perennials, flower bulbs, wildlife and garden design; he has authored books on all of these subjects. Growing clematis in containers is not only attractive; it is sometimes essential. 7 Environment Friendly Upcycled Garden Fence Ideas to DIY, The Practical Guide to Using Soil Moisture Meter Correctly, Detailed Guide To Building A Koi Pond Easily, Easy Outdoor Garden Canopy and Awning Ideas to DIY, A Simple Guide to Making a Potting Bench from Pallets [DIY], How To Make Cactus Soil Mix – Easy Recipe, Top 10 Most Fun Outdoor Games for Adults to DIY and…. that’s me, I’m a gardening geek I do love to garden. You can also find Clematis plants with smaller blossoms, or even double blossoms sometimes. If your container will not tolerate freezing temperatures, move it to a place where it will not freeze. You should dig a good hole for it, and use a lot of compost and some granular organic fertilizer. So you might want to buy something that is at least two years old. Growing a clematis in a container above ground decreases its winter hardiness by a … Clematis Montana will also grow successfully in pots with a loam-based growing medium with regular watering and feeding with a slow-release fertiliser..

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