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Abubaker M. Almaleeh, Stanley M. Shitote and Timothy Nyomboi, Qualitative analysis of fatigue crack behavior in welded connection using acoustic emission technique. Author(s): Bituminous materials in roads are subjected to short-term loading each time a vehicle passes. Projects Georgia treatment facility will use membranes to boost performance. Author(s): Ehigiator, O. Seyed M. Khatami, O. Rezaei Far and S. Karimi, Integrative transport and modal interchanges: A social sustainable approach towards urban migration. Therefore, this study was done in view of identification and analyzing factors related to frequency and severity of construction accidents and injuries in the big construction industries. Recycling can be a viable option in the waste management of many materials. Reliability assessment of progressive failure of a low rise framed building on weak The trends in civil engineering are again the focal point as we as we swiftly approach towards another decade. Developing a predictive model for complex shear modulus of the asphalt binder is a complex technique due to several factors that affect the model’s estimating capability, such as rheological properties and test conditions. This was achieved both theoretically and experimentally using four point bending testing. Author(s): Wooden materials in building projects: Fitness for roof construction in southwestern Nigeria. Top 10 Reasons Your Business Should Opt for a 3D CAD Software, 6 Latest Trends in Civil Engineering You Should Know. Integrated hydraulic design approach for cost effective aqueduct trough. October 2018. This study investigates bending behavior of tube-gusset K-joint using static experimental research and finite element analysis (FEA). Author(s): As cloud-based analysis programs become more affordable, it will enable seamless integration of UAV and mixed reality data into the workflow. Non Destructive Testing (NDT) of materials and structures is one of the most common forms of quality control. The 3-D model in civil engineering can present enormous gains across all stages of construction whether it is earthmoving, excavation, compacting, piping, or finishing. Hope you liked reading recent trends in civil engineering. Author(s): Author(s): Several (0, 25, 50, 75 and 100%) substitutions were used in the volume fraction of the aggregates. Also, the mixed reality (MR) based applications will gather momentum as augmented reality (AR) sees further advancements. This current article explores the possibility of adding aggregate (10 mm size) to sandcrete mixes in order to enhance the strength of the sandcrete blocks. Experimental survey of roof blown-off was undertaken to determine the main causes of roof blown-off. A modified mortar of same design mix proportion (1:3) but varying water/cement ratio and constant slump of 74.3 mm to achieve higher workability was also evaluated. The obtained results show that these materials have improved the properties Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) concrete. The present work is a contribution to the improvement of the comfort and relates to the characterization of local materials used in Benin. Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning in Reverse Engineering, How to Create Sustainable & Futuristic Green Home Design, The Impact of 3D Printing on the Food Industry, 6 Key Benefits of Mechanical 3D Product Animation, Haptics in Architectural Engineering - A Trend to Watch Out For, civil engineering services and sub-services, Infrastructure Engineering Pricing Structure, High-quality 3D Modeling for an Internationally-renowned Client, Created 3D Modeling Shadow Boards for a Leading German Manufacturer, Created 3D Furniture Models for Australian Wholesaler Furniture Dealer, Furniture Modeling for Leading American e-com Furniture Store, Recreated 3D Furniture Images for an Australian Furniture Store, 100% Accurate Radius Maps Using CAD for US-based Client, Plastic Product Resizing Using SolidWorks for an Australian Client, DNV Certified Design for Shipping Containers, Unification of CAD Processes into a Single System, 3D Product Animation for a Commercial Seating Company, 3D CAD Migration to SolidWorks for a US Client, Detailing Services for Hydraulic Fixtures, 2D Evacuation Plans for Australian Client, Engineering Drawing Services - PVC Clad Structures, Flatworld provided Point Cloud BIM Service to Create As-Built Model of 24-Floor Extension, Interior Design Support for an Independent Interior Designer, Conversion of Hand Drawn Floor Plans to 2D Files Using SolidWorks, 3D Walkthrough and Visualization Services for an Irish Brewery.

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