child health nursing definition

Now in its Sixth Edition, Maternal and Child Health Nursing helps nurses understand wellness and illness as family-centered events. Children’s nursing takes place in hospitals, day care centres, child health clinics and in the child’s home. (e) Health promotion and education in child health Theoretical – Children's nursing (a) Nursing – nature and ethics of the profession, general nursing principles, nursing principles in relation to: general and specialist medicine, general and specialist surgery, child care and paediatrics, maternity care, mental health and psychiatry, care of the old and geriatrics. Child Health - Definition . Definition: The nursing specialty that deals with the care of women throughout their pregnancy and childbirth and the care of their newborn children. DEFINITION “pediatric can be defined as the branch of medical science that deals with the care of childhood from conception to adolescent in health and illness. Children's Health: Definition Children's health encompasses the physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being of children from infancy through adolescence. It concern with prevention, promotion, curative and rehabilitative care of children.” 4 5. Health Workgroup, First Things First, October, 2007 . There are many definitions of child health. Pediatric is synonymous with child health 3 4. Children’s nurses will work as part of a team which includes doctors , hospital play staff , radiographers , healthcare assistants , newborn hearing screeners , psychologists and social workers . Values, beliefs, and customs of society influence the role and function of the family (invades every aspect of the life of the family) Is a unit of interacting persons bound by ties of blood, marriage or adoption. Maternal-Child Nursing - definition. Medical services include prenatal and postnatal services, family planning care, and pediatric care in infancy. She presents the content of the two disciples comprehensively with a holistic approach. Like other branches of nursing, care is becoming more community-based. First Things First (FTF) is a broad public policy initiative; as such, the definition of child health used by FTF should reflect broad societal goals of health. The author, Adele Pillitteri, views maternal-newborn and child health care not as two separate disciplines but as a continuum of knowledge. Definition of Family Family Basic unit in society, and is shaped by all forces surround it. A respected authority revised for today\u2019s changing health care environment, Maternal & Child Health Nursing, 8th Edition presents maternal-newborn and child health care not as two separate disciplines, but as a continuum of knowledge. Background . Description All children should have regular well-child check ups according to the schedule recommended by their physician or pediatrician. Confidently prepare for the challenges of modern maternal-newborn and child health care nursing. maternal and child health services: various facilities and programs organized for the purpose of providing medical and social services for mothers and children.

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