child development careers

Child Development Careers. There’s a reason you were drawn to a career in child development. Beyond simply keeping children safe, these workers can promote each child's developmental well-being. Entry-level child development workers usually fall into two categories: those who watch children and those who assist teachers or other caregivers. 28,742 Child Development Center jobs available on Strategies. This degree has the potential to open doors to advanced positions in various organizations. Apply to Preschool Teacher, Center Director, Daycare Teacher and more! The following list is not comprehensive and one should always remember that job searching takes a lot more work than simply picking from a list. Child Development (BS) The Child Development major prepares you for a variety of different jobs. Career Growth and Salary Potential. Employers. As in any other field, salaries vary based on the career chosen. One of the most attractive qualities of a degree in child development is that relevant careers in education and social work are available in all job markets. Teaching Administration Once you acquire the practical knowledge and hands-on training to accompany your existing abilities, you’ll be ready to lead the next generation. List of all Places you will be able to go with a major in Child Development; Pre-school/Child Care: Careers. If you can relate to some of the important characteristics listed above, you might be naturally inclined to work in the field.

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