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professional knives, knife sets, Chefs' knife including Naifu knives . If you want to cook well, build a relation with your knives." Never put in a dishwasher, which amounts to "attacking" the knife, as the salt, hot air and water will ruin the edge, if not the side of the blade; it won't come out as sharp as it went in. Timpson agrees that mass manufactured forged knives (which make up most of those tested) can be done very well. "Lightweight knives are easier to move around and less tiring. Richard Bainbridge, chef owner of Benedicts Restaurant in Norwich, says: "Your knife is your old friend that sticks with you through thick and thin. After sharpening, which removes steel, a leather strop will get rid of the burr (the rough leftover edges). The most important knife is the all-purpose, versatile, sturdy, roughly eight-inch chef's knife. The bolster is well position for gripping the handle and blade, though the handle isn't quite as comfortable to hold as the Wüsthof. T he chef's knife – or cook's knife – can be used for anything from slicing onions, chopping herbs and crushing garlic to mincing meat. But if you buy a really good stainless steel these days, in terms of being able to take an edge, hold the edge, get sharp and all of that, a good stainless steel will be identical to good carbon steel.". A lot of people say the pride of the home is the kitchen. The top 10 list of the best chef knives lists various manufacturers and prices. Japanese knives tend to be harder to sharpen (not helped by the hardness and brittleness). It's a rather heavy knife, which I like, but some might not. In many respects, this 20cm Cook’s knife is the epitome of what a chef’s knife should be: it’s 8-inches long and has a steep curve leading to a very pointy tip, making it perfect for rocking cuts and general step-style chopping duties. That said, in our test it was just as adept at dealing with smaller, more delicate tasks like slicing meats, fish, tomatoes, cucumber and carrots. Eight inches of lethally sharp, 'weapons-grade' metal lying on your kitchen table, possessing the same potential for mayhem as a loaded handgun – and yet it is predominantly used to express your love for your family by making their tea.". Buy now: Wusthöf Classic 16cm Chef’s Knife, £75, Amazon 2. Part of why I like this knife so much is aesthetic. "This was fantastic for the time," says Timpson. The heel, however, has a good curve, allowing you to rest your middle finger on it comfortably. While it’s not as much of a looker as Kycera’s Red-Dot awarded Japan Series wooden-handled knife, the ergonomic soft-grip handle was very comfortable to hold. Long blades can be a bit intimidating to newbies (I was certainly a bit daunted at first), but you'll quickly grow accustomed. Wüsthof have been making knives in Solingen, the "City of Blades", since 1814, and their precisely made blades have received plaudits from the likes of Tim Hayward. "Your knife is the most fundamental tool of your craft, you need to look after it the best you can. YOU ARE REQUIRED BY LAW TO BE 18 OR OVER TO BUY A BLADED PRODUCT. The dark maple handle, etched with traditional patterns, is a sight to behold. The most popular Japanese-style knife right now is the santoku, which is relatively all-purpose and thus measures up against a Western chef's knife. The blade curves at the end in the German fashion, which is useful for chopping in a rocking motion. A good handle is crucial for comfort. Firstly, it's pretty good at resisting rust and corrosion, unlike carbon steel. You can't, for example, run it through a conventional kitchen V-shaped knife sharpener.

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