can you swim in an outdoor pool during a thunderstorm

We have a super crazy pool day today!! First, assuming the pool and facility were built to meet national standards, a qualified electrician should conduct a comprehensive inspection of both on a regular basis. If you have time before the storm, remove as many toys, pieces of furniture, and other items as you can, and store … To be really safe, you should not swim in an indoor pool when lightning is around. Jesse sneaks away, and does something crazy with his hair!! The other day I was swimming at Shepperton lake when a storm blew in. Data drives good decisions and there is no data supporting closure of indoor swimming pools during electrical storms. I can't find much comment on swimming in an outdoor pool during a thunderstorm. Swimming in light showers is normally fine, but not in an outdoor pool during a thunderstorm. A picnic-type shelter is not a safe place in a thunderstorm. Instead, you should be in a building with walls, or a metal vehicle. Prepare for Some Routine Clean-Up. It must be emphasized that there has never, ever been one reported hospitalization of an indoor pool patron during an electrical storm. By way of comparison, since 1990 the Consumer Product Safety Commission, has reported scores of electrocutions and shocks at indoor swimming pools because of improper use of hair driers, power washers, power equipment, underwater lights and radios … A thunderstorm and your pool are the super-sized equivalent of keeping your hairdryer away from the bathtub. Swimming during the pandemic: What the CDC wants you to know before you hit the pool. Still, many steps need to be taken to keep swimmers safe at indoor pools during outdoor thunderstorms. Another concern with swimming during a lightning storm is the danger of any lightning strike, regardless of whether or not it hits you. Any of the contaminants that do remain in your pool should be destroyed by shocking your pool after the storm. The inconvenient fact is that there has not been even one death recorded as a result of swimming indoors during a lightning storm. You don’t say where the strike is. What happens if you're in a swimming pool in his lightning strikes? Thanks! Electricity and bodies of water just don’t mix. You can learn more about this, see the answer to the question right below this one.. When swimming, attracting lightning strikes to your direct vicinity can be just as fatal as attracting a strike immediately to yourself, which is my next point: So much for the risk of being hit. ... when many outdoor pools typically open for the summer season. Even with shark attacks, people don’t stop swimming in the ocean, and you’ve never seen or heard of a lightning strike killing someone in an indoor pool. As most of you will know, lightning is supposed to bad for swimmers. Anyway, prudence, cowardice and lack of knowledge took over and we left the pool (only to return later when the thunder drifted away). Terra is super clumsy today, and a huge storm is coming. I saw a flash on the horizon, turned to a nearby swimmer and asked: “Was that lightning?” “Well, I don’t think you got caught by a speed camera,” he replied. "We could find no reports of deaths or injuries in indoor pools related to lightning causes," says Richard Kithil of the National Lightning Safety Institute and Kevin Johnston, a senior consultant. I think I have answered questions similar to this several times. However, this is a danger you don’t want to expose yourself.

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