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the computer science option representative, and consists of 45 units sufficiently removed examination. Computation is now pervasive, wide-reaching, and unavoidable in our daily lives, and in science and engineering. requirements have been met and the student has passed the preliminary examination (both The department expects Ph.D. students to achieve: Master's students are expected to achieve a thorough understanding of the mathematical and algorithmic foundations of computer science, and have gained significant knowledge in the area of research specialization through their coursework, and to demonstrate promise in independent research through an original thesis. science. of the thesis research and a test of the candidate’s knowledge in his or her specialized No. Division of Engineering & Applied Science, Department of Computing + Mathematical Sciences, understand information and computation as intrinsic components of a broad array of natural and engineered systems, tackle challenging and fundamental problems with the potential for long-term and real-world impact, nurture collaboration between traditionally separate disciplines. The candidacy examination should be taken within the first A student’s Ph.D. research must exhibit originality in the formulation, analysis, and solution of a problem that is significant to the field of study. Courses jointly listed with computer science cannot be used to fulfill Applicants for Graduate Admissions to the option should have an undergraduate major in electrical engineering, biology, physics, mathematics, or computer science, and a general background that will permit enrolling in advanced courses in the other relevant disciplines. from the student’s major program of study. You can get application forms from the Graduate Admissions Office. Each new student is welcomed into a close-knit, collaborative community of nearly 1,000 undergraduate scholars who have demonstrated the highest level of academic excellence and share a strong interest in science, engineering, and technology. We had about 1000 applicants this past cycle. Students complete advanced coursework to achieve a breadth of knowledge in the core areas of computer science, and specialized coursework in their intended research area as directed by their research advisor and the graduate option representative. the Ph.D. thesis has been submitted for review to the student’s adviser and thesis fields. this requirement. Our students and faculty strive to: The graduate computer science option is primarily oriented toward Ph.D. research. Toward the end of the first year, all incoming students must take a preliminary examination administered by the faculty. option representative may approve the awarding of a M.S. All applications must be submitted on-line via the Graduate Admissions website. Admission to Caltech's graduate programs is granted to a select number of students of superior ability. A course of study is determined in consultation with the adviser. committee; the latter consists of at least four faculty approved by the encouraged to do the same with other members of the faculty. Students accepted into the GPS graduate program are assigned to one of the major subject options of the division— environmental science and engineering, geobiology, geochemistry, geology, geophysics, or planetary science—based on their application request, and are given an academic adviser who is a professor associated with that option. PhD thesis defenses consist of a public presentation with an opportunity for the audience to ask questions. In exceptional circumstances MC 305-16, Pasadena, CA 91125. CMS 290 is required for all first year CS graduate students during each term (fall/winter/spring). Students complete advanced coursework to achieve a breadth of knowledge in the core areas of computer science, and specialized coursework in their intended research area as directed by their research advisor and the graduate option representative. three years of graduate study. cutting-edge knowledge in the area of research specialization. Is there still a way for me to get into these universities? EAS offers the degree programs listed above in its different departments. Students meet regularly with their adviser throughout their time at Caltech, and are Units outside computer science. their adviser to ensure balance in the selected courses. Students should consult with Graduate Admissions. The M.S. Admissions. The examination ascertains the student’s breadth and depth of preparation for Thesis defenses will be announced and the CMS community as a whole is encouraged to attend. And I'll be honest with you, my GPA isn't high. Its purpose is to ensure a solid and broad knowledge in computer science, and in the event of a deficiency, to direct the students to necessary courses and reading. a thorough understanding of the mathematical and algorithmic foundations of computer science. Advanced courses in computer science. Occasionally students will be admitted into more than one group. ENGenious and Caltech Today to get an idea of life at Caltech. may occur with the common consent of the student and the new adviser. To be recommended for candidacy, a student must have completed the All qualified applicants will be considered; the Institute takes care to consider all qualified women and members of minority groups. degree, if the course The option representative and executive officers are available to discuss concerns regarding academic progress. Changes in affiliation experience in critically evaluating computer science research. independent projects. students majoring in other fields may take a subject minor in computer science, provided Completion of a minimum of 27 units outside computer the ability to identify, formulate, and tackle problems at the research frontiers in the area of specialization. External Links Graduate Studies Office Online Graduate Application Office of the Registrar Undergraduate Admissions. the program is supervised by a computer science faculty adviser, is approved by A final oral examination will be scheduled and given after And why would you want to? Advising and Thesis Supervision. Graduate study in computer science within the Computing & Mathematical Sciences department is oriented principally toward Ph.D. research. Prof. This is followed by a private examination with only the thesis committee and the candidate present. The number we admit (and who accept our admission) can vary significantly from year to year. CNS has an integrated approach to graduate study combining computation and neural systems and is organized jointly by the Division of Biology, the Division of Engineering and Applied Science, and the Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences. 1200 E California Blvd. degree entails a thesis and coursework and is normally awarded in the first two years as part of the overall progress toward the Ph.D. consists of four faculty, is approved by the option representative, and is chaired by the adviser. Students must complete a minimum of 135 units of courses The Ph.D. program requires a minimum of three academic years of residence; required coursework is generally completed within the first two years. experience in effectively communicate their ideas in writing and in oral presentations. research in the chosen area. success and originality in the formulation, analysis, and solution of a problem that is significant to the area of research specialization. Students are urged to apply for external fellowships. There is no terminal M.S. In order to facilitate close supervision and a highly numbered 100 or greater, including research units (CS 280). Home : People : Research : Seminars : Academics : Admissions : Positions : Contact, External Links Christopher Umans Thesis and Final Examination. option representative, and is chaired by the adviser. Caltech's Graduate Admissions Committees recognize the challenges and disruption caused by COVID-19 and will take that into consideration when reviewing applications. Completion of a minimum of 54 units of CS The Computer Science option gives students a strong grounding in the mathematical and algorithmic foundations of computing, provides an introduction to cutting-edge research in a variety of subfields of Computer Science, and prepares them to apply computational thinking to a diversity of applications in Computer Science and beyond. ©2020 Caltech. (typically when a student leaves the Ph.D. program without completing the degree), the Privacy Notice. courses numbered 100 or greater in addition to units earned for reading, research, and The candidacy oral examination is administered by a committee that degree in Computer Science. Course requirements. Graduate Studies OfficeOnline Graduate ApplicationOffice of the RegistrarUndergraduate Admissions.

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