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article, With the elongated 2020 season finally drawing to a close, the Toyota Series Championship is upon us. Just grab it, dude; I don't care.'". "To tell you the truth, I have a good job and I do all right, and I really don't give a (second thought) about it at all. "My heart was in my throat," said Winn, 32, of Carlsbad, who now also works in the casino industry. Said Javad Trew: "Yeah, I'm a little ticked off that she caught it, but I'm still really proud of her. READ MORE », Day two of the Toyota Series Plains Division finale on Table Rock Lake has been essentially a carbon copy of day one, well, as far as weather goes. "It's because of how elusive the record has been for so many years.". (No gas-powered motors are allowed on Spring Lake.) Current California Angling and Diving Records Search all columns or a specific column to filter data; click on column header to sort by that data field. "I just grabbed for whatever was closest. A staff of three to five reviews all applications for record status. Does this bass deserve world-record status? On Sept. 1, he reeled in an 18-pound, 8-ounce largemouth on a 3/8-ounce jig at Spring Lake, which has since been certified as a record in the 4-pound line class by the Fishing Hall of Fame and is under consideration for the 4-pound line-class record at the IGFA. Spring Lake sits in a regional park, and the Trews were concerned about a park rule against removing "animals, dead or alive," which they saw posted on a sign. We were fishing from an anchored boat and that fish dragged my boat, anchor and all." The Fishing Hall of Fame, however, isn't throwing the baby out with the bathwater. The famed big-bass fishery has produced some of the best trophy bass fishing opportunities in the country and has served as a highly competitive playing field for many major bass tournaments over the years. "I'm just stoked to see a fish that big.". For that reason, she has shied away from speaking publicly about the fish until the IGFA hands down its ruling. Additionally, the bass measured 29 inches in total length and 25 inches in girth. The scale weighs in 8-ounce increments, and Trew's fish weighed in between 22 1/2 and 23 pounds. 'Dude, I can't hold it; I'm afraid I might drop it. Besides, she's still pretty proud that she released it. At least one Spring Lake largemouth has made the record books, though. "I feel good, awesome, in fact," said Weakley, 32, of Carlsbad, Calif, who used a white jig with a skirt and rattle on 15-pound line to boat the brute. READ MORE », After two spectacular sunny days at the Toyota Series Southern Division event on Lake Seminole, the final day brought heavy low clouds and an east wind. Twenty-one of the top-25 bucketmouths have been caught here. That it wasn't weighed on a certified scale. Javad, who said he has been fishing recreationally for about four years, and Leaha Trew knew it was a special fish, so they paddled back to shore to weigh and measure it. Claimed by many to be a mark that could never be eclipsed, the largemouth-bass record has become the thing of legends. Plus, like many California waterways, Spring Lake is stocked with bite-sized trout on which bass feed. 4 spot on The Bassmaster Top 25 list when he caught her on a swimbait May 31, 2003, at Dixon Lake — a drop-in-the-bucket, 72-acre impoundment in San Diego County. After he took it, Javad Trew realized that it was the last shot on the roll. "I was wondering which I would get next — a black eye or a bloody nose.". READ MORE », The final round of competition for the Toyota Series Plains Division event on Table Rock Lake has been yet another beautiful early November day with highs in the 70s, a light wind and clear skies. 15 all-time — to his credit, taken on a swimbait at Dixon Lake on May 20, 2003. About her bass, Trew said: "Was it a magic moment or what? "I think these people are very legitimate," said Ted Dzialo, director of the Fishing Hall of Fame. The main impasse at the IGFA regarding Trew's catch isn't the lack of physical evidence - the organization routinely awards records on released fish if the paperwork is in order and the story checks out with local officials - but the relative lack of visual proof. Whatever happens, Mac Weakley no doubt will become the poster boy for catch and release and, refreshingly, he's all right with that, even if he doesn't break the record or make a dime on his amazing catch. "It's the same fish I caught three years ago," said Dickerson, 33, a casino-industry employee from Oceanside, Calif. "I knew this was a world record before we even weighed it. The top 10 percent of teams in each High School Fishing tournament will advance to the High School Fishing National Championship, featuring national television coverage on the Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel and World Fishing Network. Spring also means sightfishing, when bass are on their beds, and that's a very attractive time for big-bass anglers because they can pick and choose their targets. ", Tags: "As far as the money, they've got to work that out for themselves," he said. Working near a weedline in about 15 feet of water, Leaha Trew made a cast with a 7-inch Storm Wildeye Swim Bait in mossback pattern. Since they had no livewell and were concerned about the health of the fish, they kept it in the net and held it in the water over the raft's side as they paddled back in. Once onshore, Leaha Trew weighed the fish using a Boga Grip handheld scale, which is certified for accuracy by the IGFA. As for today's catch, Dickerson explained that it was raining and dark early this morning when the anglers came across the bedding bass in 12 feet of water. READ MORE », Major League Fishing (MLF) announced today that Dayton, Tennessee will host the 2021 Abu Garcia College Fishing presented by YETI Open on March 30-31 at Lake Chickamauga. "The IGFA (International Game Fish Association) has a pretty vague rule about foul-hooking, which states you cannot intentionally foul-hook a fish.". He knows this because she has the same distinguishing black beauty mark under her right gill plate. If authorities decide that this fish tale is true, it would apparently herald the end of an era for George W. Perry, the legendary Georgia angler who caught a 22-pound, 4-ounce largemouth out of Montgomery Lake, Ga., on June 2, 1932, and has held the all-tackle world record ever since. Both organizations say that her application and the steps she took to measure the bass seem to be on the up-and-up, including using an IGFA-certified scale. Story. "Had they not released the fish alive — and I think releasing it is the right thing to do — I think they might have made quite a bit of money," Hall said. Then, cloudy and slick conditions set in. Editor's note: Mac Weakley has decided not to pursue the world record. READ MORE », Day one of the Phoenix Bass Fishing League presented by T-H Marine All-American presented by TINCUP hasn’t been quite as wet as anticipated, but it’s still offered far from ideal conditions for offshore fishing on Hartwell. And, ultimately, that it was released. Still, we're not going to rush into this. Combine these ingredients with a bountiful forage base, including a generous winter stocking of put-and-take, protein-rich, hatchery-reared rainbow trout, and you have a super-size strain of Micropterus salmoides, a k a the largemouth bass. "There is no smoke and mirrors," Hall said. You want to release it if it's healthy." "Because of that, we have to look at it in a little more detail." Back then she weighed 21.7 pounds, and quite clearly she still is a big fish in a small lake. "It's simply because there are people who are out there who didn't think a bass can grow to more than 22.25 pounds," said James Hall, editor of Bassmaster magazine. Like other celebrated bass caught in California in recent years, Trew's potential record has an Olympic track meet's worth of hurdles to overcome. And whether or not the bass is ultimately given the world record, both of the Trews are hoping for the best, but they also just seem satisfied about the catch simply for its own sake. ", No matter the outcome, Weakley can add this fish story to his trove of bass accomplishments. Weakley obviously had regained confidence in his buddy after Winn's earlier netting troubles. An official decision on record status usually is reached one month after the application is received. I have never, ever missed a fish with my net," Winn explained. " At one point while he was trying to work the net over its head, Javad Trew said the big bass smashed headfirst into the side of the boat. The problem is that only three people saw the fish and none of them was a biologist or any other kind of wildlife-management personnel. However, it turns out that Spring Lake is not a catch-and-release waterway. That's when expectant mothers are packed with eggs — sometimes, Hall said, as much as 4 or 5 pounds worth, which represents a possible increase in body weight of up to 25 percent in the case of this morning's bruiser. Perry's record, which represents the epitome of the most sought-after fish in America, has stood for so long and been pursued by so many millions of anglers over the years that the burden of proof in trying to unseat it is enormous.

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