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This search only provides information about the license types we issue (a license can be a certification, contract, registration, or other authorization). Appraiser Trainee. Please make sure your experience is fully detailed. If this fee is not paid, you will not be examined. A Master's and a Ph.D each count as 1.5 years towards the 8-year requirement for a maximum of 3 years. To become a BCEE, you must take a written exam and sit for a Peer Review. Those candidates who meet all the prescribed requirements are recommended by the Admissions Committee to the AAEECB which votes to grant certification. Learn More. Hold a valid license or certificate of registration to practice professional engineering issued by the lawfully constituted registration board of any State, territory, possession or district of the United States. The process is completed when the person deemed worthy of certification accepts the certificate and the responsibilities that certification entails. The application processing fee is $75. Hazardous Waste Management and Site Remediation. Academic Intern. This work is entrusted primarily to the Academy's Admissions Committee and staff. News; CEP-Search; On the Horizon; ABCEP P.O. Those who are interested in Industrial Hygiene specialty certification or Radiation Protection specialty certification and who have already passed the written examinations administered by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene or the American Board of Health Physics, respectively, need only sit for the Oral Examination. Includes links to laws and rules regulating the two professions. Need help using the AAEES Center? Camping Resort Company. Examinations are scored and the results evaluated by the Admissions Committee in September. Our Global Impact. In the meantime, you can click on the credential name at the top of the page for more information about the general requirements for this credential from the credentialing agency. The hour-long oral examination, one part professional practice issues and two parts technical specialty problems, is used to determine a candidate's ethical concepts, maturity, presence of mind, engineering judgment, and ability to apply engineering principles and concepts which cannot be easily measured by written examinations. The oral examinations are conducted by teams of three Board Certified Environmental Engineers and Board Certified Environmental Engineering Members in accordance with prescribed guidelines. In 1993, after 14 years of operation, NAEP transferred the CEP program itself to a subsidiary body—The Academy of Board Certified Environmental Professionals (ABCEP) which continues to operate the program today. Appraiser Course. If you ever have questions about the status of your application, please call J. Sammi Olmo (410-266-3311 or. Accreditation Criteria & Supporting Documents, Fundamentals of Program Assessment Workshop (FPAW), Advanced Program Assessment Workshop (APAW), Continuous Improvement Assessment Forum (CIAF), Institute for the Development of Excellence in Assessment Leadership (IDEAL), Engineering Credentials Evaluation International. Copyright © The years of work and education may not overlap. However, the final decision to grant a certificate rests with the Board of Trustees of the Academy. Requirements have not yet been collected for this credential. A copy of your current (including expiration date) certificate of professional licensure/registration. A certificate embossed with the name and specialty of the BCEE or BCEEM is provided as confirmation. We champion excellence worldwide. By obtaining certification, you demonstrate competence through comprehensive written and oral examinations in one or more of the following specialties: The qualifications of all candidates for certification are first reviewed by the Academy's Admissions Committee to determine if the Academy's minimum requirements are satisfied and in which specialty the candidate is qualified to be examined. Specialty certification … A valid certificate of registration or license issued by a foreign country may be accepted, provided it meets standards established by the AAEECB. You must supply the name, address and current phone number of the individual most familiar with your work. The workshop will be held in Atlantic City, New Jersey on Monday, May 17, 2021, with a special breakfast session on Tuesday morning in honor of Wes Eckenfelder to close out the workshop. 846 Institutions with Accredited Programs. Latest News. Click here for instructional videos. Upon satisfactory completion of the entire Admissions process and paying the prescribed fees, the candidate is granted certification in a specialty recognized by the Academy and awarded the title, "Board Certified Environmental Engineer" or "Board Certified Environmental Engineering Member".

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