blue snowball muffled

Question / Help Problem with Low/Muffled Audio. Just bought a new studio-grade microphone and can’t figure out why its recordings sound so muffled? We've used it for many Ustream broadcasts and have loved the sound quality. I've heard that about the Blue Snowball, at least. The last suggestion would be to raise the volume of the samples, but that might not do too much. I have a Blue Snowball USB microphone that works great. Blue Snowball Not Working: My microphone has (maybe-easy-to-fix) issues. If all that is fine and the setting is on 1 and the mic is still muffled sounding, there might be something defective about it. April 19, 2019. Muffled voices can also be fixed with EQ and compression when you're mixing. First thing is that there's no way you can … Plastic Piece of Blue Snowball Ice stuck in cable. I am having issues with it, It seems muffled, like its being covered or something, and its very VERY quiet. Thread starter Ronald Nutter; Start date Jul 2, 2016; R. Ronald Nutter New Member. Blue Snowball Not Working: blue snowball ICE not picking up audio (windows 10) Any way to make the Blue Snowball mic sound better or how to properly set it up? Jul 2, 2016 #1 Just tried OBS Studio for the first time. Snowball very muffled Sign in to disable this ad So i just picked one of these up after watching several mic test videos online (which sounded great) ... Blue Snowball microphone help. (It's the cheaper version of the blue snowball mic.) ... Is it the Blue Snowball or the Blue Snowball ICE? I've done some research online, messed about with the settings on my laptop ect and nothing seems to work, By blobofblue in forum Microphones Replies: 5 Last Post: 12-16-2012, 16:15. Usually 'tunnel' effects are linked with monitoring conditions, and I don't suppose that this is any different, even though it doesn't sound quite as bad as I'd expect. I got this blue snowball ice mic a few months ago from ebay, second hand. I don't think it's the mic causing this at all - well, not directly anyway. The Snowball I had was super sensitive when it came to pickup up sounds, like if I was upstairs talking in my kitchen it would hear me. I don't know much about that, though ^^; sorry, and good luck! Recently though, we have started using it on a new Windows 8 computer and after about 30 minutes of broadcasting it will suddenly produce non stop static that will blow your speakers out. Got a new headset and are baffled by how low the volume on … Was able to switch between two Logitech C920's without a problem. Can I use blue snowball and headphones? Having a problem with Audio that I havent been able to figure out.

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