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Location of the birdhouse is as important in attracting certain kinds of birds as the size of the box. After attempting to use them, the location will be unlocked. In order to access them, they must be discovered by walking to their locations. Birdhouses placed under eaves or roof overhangs will be exposed to less moisture and ultimately last longer. Use the clockwork you just retrieved from the trap on a log, then use the birdhouse on the spot to rebuild it. The Mycelium Transportation System is a system of Magic Mushtrees that allow transportation around Fossil Island. However, dense shade is not recommended as most birds prefer a sunny open space. The ones in the nature altar are blocked off, and as such can only be attacked by ranged and magic.Once dead they fall to the ground, but drop nothing. The chance of getting a bird nest from a tree is 1/256 each time you would normally get a log, regardless of the type of tree (except redwood trees, which only drop clue nests). A bird nest can be found whilst cutting most types of trees, including ent trunks. It can be made at 15 Crafting using oak logs on a clockwork with a chisel and hammer yielding 20 experience. Maple bird houses are used in setting bird house traps on Fossil Island, requiring a Hunter level of 44 to use. You will receive a bunch of stuff in your inventory: Drop the birdmeat and keep the rest. The best recommendation is to mount the birdhouse in the best possible location given the restrictions in your yard. In addition these semi-sheltered locations can be even more advantageous if they are hard for predators to get to as well. They are made by using maple logs on a piece of clockwork while having a hammer and chisel, requiring a Crafting level of 45, and granting the player 35 experience. There are four Magic Mushtrees found throughout Fossil Island: House on the Hill - Inside the House on the Hill. Birds are avian enemies found on Ape Atoll, Crash Island and inside the Nature Altar.They attack with melee and can be assigned as Slayer assignments by Turael.Although they are airborne, they use melee. Click one birdhouse, select "dismantle my trap" ("check seed levels" if you want to be completely sure the trap is ready). The bird house must be filled with hop seeds as bait, up to a maximum of 10, or 5 if using wildblood seeds. Birds depending on the specie may prefer wooded to shady area or open grassy areas. Use your seeds on the birdhouse. An oak bird house is used to set bird house traps on Fossil Island requiring 14 Hunter. It is not advisable to mount birdhouses on the sides of trees as this can give squirrels and cats easy access to it.

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