birch plywood manufacturers in russia

It located Vladimir. Cold environments of Russia’s North-West […] LASER PLYWOOD. Made in Russia Plywood Birch Directory - Offering Wholesale Russian Plywood Birch from Russia Plywood Birch Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors at POPLAR VENEERED PLYWOOD. RUSSIAN BIRCH (Betula Pendula and Pubescens) grown in cold environment of Russia possesses excellent strength properties with beautiful white fiber which makes Russian Birch Plywood far superior than Birch plywood manufactured in other parts of the world.Russian Birch Plywood in different grades is purfect for manufacturing of furniture, kitchen cabinrts, flooring and construction application. VIEW. BIRCH PLYWOOD. Russian Birch Plywood is one of the best plywood originating from Russia. 0. Our Russian Birch Plywood, also known as Baltic Birch Plywood, is harvested from Northern Russia where the colder climate yields denser, more uniform logs. 1 / 3 / All. FABRICATED COMPONENTS. 65% is exported to all parts of the world, especially to Europe, the United States, Asia and Australia. We are responsibly sourcing, manufacturing and supplying Russian Birch Plywood and Baltic Birch Plywood. 0. 35% of birch plywood products are used in furniture manufacturing and construction materials in Russia. Birch Plywood is available from many places in Eastern Europe, including Finnish Birch Plywood, Estonian Birch Plywood, Latvian Birch Plywood, Polish Birch Plywood and Ukrainan Birch Plywood to name a few. 0. Birch is widespread in the Northern Hemisphere and is one of the prevailing wood species in the territory of Russia. RUSSIAN BIRCH PLYWOOD. It specializes in the production of birch plywood. Demidovo Plywood Mill which has been founded in 1999, nowadays is one of the largest birch big-size plywood producers and sellers Russia. Although we are stating this is Russian Birch Plywood. The Kirzhach plywood factory is a Russian manufacturer of high-quality birch veneer. Bragovishenk Plywood Factory Co., Ltd. is located in Russia.

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