big green egg prime rib roast reverse sear

In 2013 I wrote, “Spit-roasting is my hands-down favorite method for cooking prime rib. brisket, flank, etc). My mother requests it at Christmas each year. Get a pan (I use pyrex dish) and a rib roast rack. So after 2 weeks of owning the Big Green Egg I decided that I really wanted to try to make prime rib, or a rib roast. Click to Watch . Coincidentally (I swear), one of my favorite BBQ sites,, actually updated his recipe for a rib roast so I decided to follow it but modified it slightly for my tastes and the Egg. You can also join the conversation and get more information and amazing kamado recipes by following Big Green Egg at: Want to see how the EGG is made? So here is what I do: 1. Heck, I've been talking about how to reverse-sear a prime rib to maximize the tender, medium-rare interior since the dawn of The Food Lab, way back in 2009. I air dry my standing rib roast. The word "prime" is NOT referring to the category of meat determined by the USDA. Open the vents up and let the BGE heat up to about 500 degrees. For me, pulling the smoked prime rib at 130 degrees is perfect but many like a more cooked crust on the outside of the meat. Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear. My Cook: 3 bone 6.5 lb Rib Roast (choice), ribs removed Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! It's a dish that looms large in my family legend. Thanks to the slow, gentle rotation, the meat cooks evenly and bastes in its own melting fat.” Today, I’d like to reverse myself—reverse being the key word. I've got a dedicated prime rib… Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube | Vimeo Share your photos by tagging us and using the hashtag #BigGreenEgg. This year I’m using the “reverse sear” method. How to Cook Prime Rib on the Big Green Egg Using Reverse Sear First of all, I'd like to explain something that is very confusing regarding the term "prime rib". While it's not easy to get prime rib you can buy some really good standing rib roasts that rival the best prime rib. After years of experimenting with different cooking methods for a standing Optional – Sear the Prime Rib on the Big Green Egg. One of my favorite meals is prime rib. To do this, after the prime rib is wrapped and off the Big Green Egg remove the plater setter / conv”egg”tor and set it aside. The Big Green Egg is a perfect oven for this. Prime Rib is just a common term for the cut of meat from the cow (ie.

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