big bends nut sauce tuning lubricant

However, I read a review of Big Bends Nut Sauce … Big Bends 1cc Guitar Nut Lubricant Big Bends Nut Sauce is the Extreme Tuning Lubricant. Nut Sauce … Big Bends Nut Sauce Tuning Lubricant - Big Bends Nut Sauce eliminates problems with string breakage and pitch drift. With the sauce, you won't have to tune between every song -- they guarantee it. Big Bends Nut Sauce … Big Bends Nut Sauce is truly a "Guitar Tech in a tube"! When I install new strings, I put Nut Sauce on each saddle on the bridge, then bring the end of each string to its tuner on the head stock. Improves overall performance of ALL stringed instruments! Nut Sauce instantly ends tuning and string breakage problems. 1.5cc tube.Big … Big Bends Nut Sauce I have been using Big Bends Nut Sauce for 20 years. There is no lubricant with a lower co-efficiency of friction than Nut Sauce … Easy to apply with no mess using the Groove-Luber applicator. Got a gorgeous red Gibson 335 that looks and sounds incredible. 1-888-788-bend or visit Big Bends Nut Sauce … Your guitar will remain in tune no matter how hard you bend your strings or yank your whammy bar. However, a couple of strings 'stuck' when tuning and this really irked me (when you pay four figure sums for guitars, you don't expect this!!). Big Bends Lil-Luber. If this happens, you should tell him that Big Bends Nut Sauce is state-of-the-art tuning lubricant specially formulated for stringed instruments and provide him with the telephone number and web address below. Since I began using it, broken strings on my guitars occur only rarely.

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