best vintage acoustic guitar brands

Many of these instruments are more affordable versions of Gibson's classic models. Lots of musicians associate the Gretsch brand with rockabilly, but this brand is used for a wide range of genres from pop to emo to country to punk. Reliable is the first word that comes to mind when thinking about Yamaha. Most are made with either spruce/sapele or mahogany/blackwood, which is a unique departure from more typical tonewood configurations. The Best Picks: When it comes to choosing a Fender acoustic guitar series, the Paramount Series is a well-made, vintage-inspired lineup of acoustic-electric guitars. This demo of a Guild D-55 might give you an idea of what I mean. The acoustic guitar industry is pretty huge and these brands are what I consider to be the best in the business currently, from what I’ve experienced. Fender is the world's largest guitar manufacturer. The Best Picks: One of the most interesting things about Cordoba is the company's ability to fuse traditional and modern design into a truly unique instrument. And if you ever played a poorly-made acoustic while learning, you know just how frustrating it can be. Well, even though they’re more known for their electric guitars (think Les Paul) – they are also commonly referred to as one of the top 3 when it comes to acoustic guitars – so they are one of those rare brands that do electrics and acoustics well. If you need something all-solid, Takamine is probably a better choice. Soon, his guitars were a favorite among Texas performers, and the brand grew from there. Baggs. Another Canadian brand, Larrivee also makes high-quality guitars. When it comes to tonal quality, these guitars are suitable for a variety of genres. That design obviously isn't right for everyone, but I also think the G5013CE Rancher Jr. is a nice option--it's acoustic-electric and a little smaller than standard Rancher acoustics, making it more versatile. Despite being one of the early makers of the acoustic-electric guitar, Takamine has kept its instruments relatively affordable. By Easter2816 (Own work), CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons, Hadn’t even heard of Lowden guitars until you mentioned them here. The guitars in this range are actually really good quality instruments (IMO) and perhaps one of the reasons for this is a trickle down effect from their more high-end range. Last updated: June 26, 2018 by Nate 4 Comments. O.K. Did I forget any top guitar brand? But by looking at overall instrument quality, brand reputation, and popularity, it's possible to at least come up with a list of the best acoustic guitar brands. The name Martin is synonymous with acoustic guitars and is probably the first brand that a lot of people think of when they hear the phrase “acoustic guitar” or certainly the phrase “acoustic guitar brand”. While Epiphone started out as a distinct company, it was acquired by Gibson many years ago in 1957. Many of their affordable acoustic-guitars, like the HG12S, have a superior build quality to beginner guitars from more prominent brands. This pickup system sits behind the saddle (rather than under it). The Best Picks: As someone who's partial to unusual guitars, I think the G5034TFT Rancher is a great choice--it's an acoustic that comes with a humbucker pickup and a Bigsby tremolo (check out a demo below). The video below gives you a sense of the sound quality from one of Washburn's Heritage Series instruments. The company's focus on excellent build quality and top-notch materials means that their guitars are a true joy to play. Alvarez offers a Masterworks series with models in a variety of acoustic guitar body styles. If you've ever compared a cheap, mass-produced guitar to a high-end, handmade one, the difference is significant. In another similarity to Yamaha, you can find great-quality Takamine guitars for surprisingly low prices. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading through this list. Guild has been making quality guitars since the 1950s, and their tagline is "Made to Be Played." Copyright © 2015 - 2020 - - Privacy Policy. Because Sheeran often played Little Martins onstage, he collaborated with Martin to produce his own signature Little Martins. For instance, the beautifully-finished HG12S comes with a solid mahogany top and a laminated mahogany body, and it costs less than $300. The Best Picks: Collings guitars are among the highest-quality instruments on the list, but I especially like their Traditional series. US-made instruments often have superior sound and build quality thanks to rigorous quality control, and Collings Guitars are made in Texas. But despite that status, their acoustic-guitars don't have nearly the acclaim that their electric guitars do. With pinless bridges, unique truss systems that increase sustain, and other distinctive design features, these guitars are ideal for players who want to break the mold. But they are certainly a sonically very different brand to Martin. Whilst this company started out life in Toronto, Canada, production now takes place in California, USA (since 2011). This guitar has a solid spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides, and it comes with the incredibly natural-sounding L.R. The Hummingbird Pro has a solid top and laminated back and sides, but its sound quality is remarkable--you can listen to it here. These guitars are more affordable than higher-end Takamines, but they offer quality appointments and solid tops. Many of their acoustic offerings feature flame maple or quilted maple tops finished in colorful translucent bursts, and for those who prefer unusual tonewoods, the Artwood series offers a modern twist on classic acoustic designs. The Best Picks: If you want classic Martin sound, the D-28 is a great go-to model.

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