best time to transplant banana trees

In frost-free areas, late winter immediately before the spring growing season begins may provide a suitable planting time. Nestle the banana tree root ball into the pot, then fill in around it with additional potting mix. Don’t plant too deeply; ideally, the pup should be planted at the same depth it was growing while still attached to the parent plant. I want to move some banana trees from one place in the yard to another. You can transplant new banana trees from purchased rhizomes at any time in spring before active growth begins. In these climates, growth will all but stop when temperatures drop below around 15˚C. Hardy bananas (Musa basjoo) are tropical in appearance but readily grow in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 5 through 10. However, small sympodial corms, representing not yet elongated suckers, are harder to transplant and can be left out of the ground for up to 2 weeks; they require minimal care and can be boxed together for shipment. Step 1. Hardy banana grows from a rhizome. If the distance is small then transplant them any time. The plant is allowed to produce 2 shoots at a time; a larger one for fruiting immediately and a smaller “sucker” or “follower” that will produce fruit in 6–8 months time. For best flowering and fruit development, plant in a position that will receive full sun. Ensure that soil drainage is good and it is constantly wet. You can transplant new banana trees from... Transplanting Container Plants. Your banana pup is now ready to be planted away from the mother plant. Transplanting Banana Plant Pups. Latin Americans sometimes comment that the plants are “walking” over time. How to Transplant a Banana Tree. Hardy bananas can thrive as container plants left outdoors year-round or moved indoors for winter. Outdoors, the plants typically die down in winter except in the warmest areas of their growing range, but indoors they remain green year-round. Usually this is done by carefully removing a sucker (a vertical shoot that develops from the base of the banana pseudo stem) with some roots intact. How to Care for a Banana Plant in Winter Where it Gets Down to Freezing, How to Prune Musa Basjoo in the Autumn & Winter, North Carolina Extension Gardener Plant Toolbox: Musa Basjoo. Digging and moving established hardy bananas can provide plants with a better growing environment. How to Separate a Banana Pup From the Mother Plant - YouTube Bananas thrive on water but detest water logging, AJM Dream Gardens in Durham is proudly powered by WordPress Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS), Liven Up Your Backyard With Wildlife and Water Ponds, Questions and answers about growing leeks. Dig and transplant established plants in early spring just as new growth is beginning to show. Container-grown bananas and nursery plants grow best when transplanted in spring or early summer when the plants are actively growing. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. I live in Texas. Separating banana plants will give both the new pups and the parent plant a better chance at survival, as the new pups can take away water and nutrients from the parent plant causing it to die back. Plant the pup in well-drained soil that has been amended with compost or rotted manure. If you … Hardy banana grows from a rhizome. This involves removing and transplanting part of the underground stem (called a corm). Ensure that soil drainage is good and it is constantly wet. Transplant the banana into a new pot near the end of this dormancy period in late winter or early spring to avoid banana tree transplant shock. Whether grown as potted or landscape plants, hardy bananas will eventually require dividing and transplanting, which encourages continued healthy growth.

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