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Keep in  mind that the scale length isn’t the actual length of the instrument; instead, it’s the playable span of strings between the nut and the bridge. This way, if you end up with a dud, you’ll at least be able to get your money back and start over. 2. In this regard, the faulty intonation may have a plethora of reasons, like a twisted neck (can be fixed by having a luthier adjust your truss rod), a poorly-sanded saddle, or a nut with overly-recessed slots. Enya EUT-M6 – Runner-Up. Aesthetic fingerboard with abalone inlays, Traditional Hawaiian visuals on the soundboard. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon (includes .com, .ca,, .de, .it, .es and .fr) and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. This ukulele is fitted with Pepe Romero UT2 tenor ukulele strings tuned GCEA with a low G, and you get a free Professional Access Case to protect your investment. You’re in luck if you have access to a local music store where you can try out ukuleles before buying. Fortunately, we also have a walnut bridge. The rosette and fret markers are inlaid premium curly mango wood, which provides a touch of contrast while keeping the look natural. The sweet, rich sound of the tenor ukulele makes it unique, and it’s one reason so many people decide that this is a must-have instrument. Well, this is actually a critical question. CLICK FOR PRICE When I fretted my way through this EUT-M6 tenor ukulele, I discovered that... 3. The body of this ukulele presents a merger of Sapele and mahogany, the first being known for its upper-midrange shimmer that tends to articulate high-end notes. In terms of sound, you get loads of projection, sweetness, and sunny brightness – exactly what you need to strum old-fashioned tunes and newer songs alike! Piano is her first love but you can find her strumming mandolins, ukuleles, and the occasional guitar just for fun. Tenor Ukulele Bundle, Deluxe Series by Hola! As you check reviews, it’s a good idea to see what people have to say about their overall experience with the instrument in question. The big brother to the highly recommended Soprano size Aria AU-1, this excellent entry-level concert model is perfect for beginners. Others are decent, and some are downright amazing. If the action is set too high, you’ll find yourself wondering why the instrument is so hard to play. The nut and saddle are made with black TUSQ, and the Gotoh Stealth Cosmo micro-tuners are black as well. Now, let’s look at how this tenor ukulele performs precision-wise, starting from that high-quality rosewood bridge, which is so dense to keep the carbon nylon strings intact. If you’ve heard the rich timbre of a tenor ukulele, you’re probably thinking about giving this instrument a try – and you’re probably wondering which tenor ukuleles are best. We’re looking at a fingerboard made of Pau Ferro, a tonewood similar to the rosewood. All rights reserved. The most recent reviews are mostly glowing, and the price is definitely right. It’s worth noting here that Lohanu had some quality control issues in the past but the warranty inspires quite a bit of confidence in the company’s willingness to stand behind its products. If you have access to a music store that carries ukuleles, you may be able to try some of your top candidates for yourself, and perhaps even support your local store by making your purchase there. We have beautiful tenors from £169. The soundboard has Hawaiian ornamentation carved into it, symbolizing longevity and continuity, which was just what I expected from this masterpiece! So, how to weed the best tenor ukuleles out from those that aren’t really worth trying? However, I like that the back’s arched angle acts as a sound booster, fixing the subdued volume levels that mahogany suffers from as a result of warmth. Is there a best bet for a uke other than one made with a Hawaiian spirit? I wouldn’t say the mahogany here is the high-quality tonewood we’re used to in high-end tenor ukuleles. You want good tuners, and you want to make sure that trim is of good quality. The Cordoba 15TM Tenor Ukulele features a mahogany top, back, and sides, which contribute to its rich, eloquent sound. Tenor ukuleles are optimal when it comes to string tension, allowing all players to execute dynamics like vibratos, hammer-ons, and pull-offs with more expression and emotion. Like the Enya tenor ukulele, this Cordoba has a cutaway sliced into the soundboard’s left side, further boosting your playability down to the frets beyond the 12th. Martin 1T IZ Tenor Ukulele Natural. The Romero Creations grand tenor is named for its oversized body (three inches thick), which offers even more rich, full, sound than a standard tenor body. 6 Best Tenor Ukuleles in 2020 1. If there are a lot of complaints about sharp frets, rough finishes, etc., then it’s probably best to move on to the next option on your shortlist. If you are lucky enough to have a shop that carries ukuleles in your area, do consider supporting them. A free Pepe Romero setup is included, along with a free Professional Access case. Nut width refers to the width of the ukulele’s neck at the nut. Unfortunately, these shops are few and far between so most of us have to make our purchases online. Lanikai Tenor Ukulele (MALIBU) Ukulele Tenor Size Bundle from Lohanu (LU-T) the Lohanu LU-T tenor ukulele is one of the most popular tenor ukes on the market right now, and for good reason. There’s a tradeoff either way. Although the bridge isn’t made of a genuine tonewood, it poses no threats to the D’Addario strings’ stability of this tenor ukulele, thanks to the in-line geared tuning machines being completely closed to avoid corrosion. A free Music Access Premium case is included, along with some other fantastic extras. If this particular model is gone, a quick search ought to lead you to an alternative, like the Romero Creations RC-TT-K Koa ukulele “Thunderbolt.”. This ukulele is simple but beautiful, with a sapele / mahogany top, sides, back, and neck, plus a rosewood fingerboard and bridge. Now, let’s see whether the perfect intonation recipe applies to this tenor ukulele. So, which one should you choose? You can find clips of all the most popular tenor ukes being played online, and many manufacturers provide demo videos. A free Super Deluxe Music Area Case is included to protect your investment. Other than that, the tuning consistency and intonation accuracy are on-point. Maybe that’s why you’re here—you want to step up your game of sound and technique! Lohanu LU-T – Best Tenor Ukulele for Beginners, Intonation: Finding the Inaccuracy Culprit. Music HM-127ZW+ is 27 inches … There’s a touch of bright snappiness and sparkle mixed in with the mellow island sound, and it’s tons of fun for everything from jazz chords to fingerstyle. If you wonder how it’s possible to do that, meet the Cordoba 20TM-CE ukulele, the best tenor ukulele that urges every player to grab an audio cable to crank up the amp! The ABS bindings are handmade, and strap buttons are pre-installed. This determines string spacing and how much room your fingers have on the fretboard.

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