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Overall there are 26 units through 360 pages of text. Most books geared for children move too slowly for adults. These books prove a strong foundation by offering quality lessons for a great start. I hope you find this to be the most complete piano resource out there! Piano Professor Piano Book For Adult Beginners. They are well written in a similar style to Music Tree, so the musical experience is enjoyable for everyone. The book puts a big emphasis on sight-reading and is divided into progressive units. There are plenty of explanations and illustrations to help with finding the correct hand positions and playing the pieces. I think a good strategy for this is to bring your child with you to or have them look online with you to pick out books. Alfred actually prints the key names on the notes to help adult pianists get playing quickly. While Technic Time by Frances Clark seems simple on the surface, these tunes are great developers of basic skill. It is my opinion that piano books for kids should be engaging and have a good selection of songs that they enjoy. Overall this is a great book to learn from if you want to be a complete player. There’s a good assortment of pieces and the variety is exciting enough that the music is never dull. Alfred’s Basic Adult All-in-One Piano Course. Don’t bore them with a classic boring song choice books, there’s already enough out there. A big thing that most parents say about this book is how many songs there are for such a cheap price. There is a pretty big distinction between adult piano method books and ones for children though. When looking for piano books for a 4 or 5-year-old try to look at it as if you’re the child. With their online tools, you can access audio tracks to play with along with instructional videos. I enjoy blogging about the piano, the art of performance, general music, current events and the latest in music production. I'm Joshua, a classically trained pianist. This is also what tells me how vital these books are for kids at a young age. Simply doing a few sight-reading exercises every day will improve your ability to read musical passages quickly. A lot of lesson books come with CD’s to play along with, but the CD for this book has to be purchased separately. Here is one I recommend below. This includes how to sit at the piano, note values, counting rhythms, whole steps and half steps, note names and even the chromatic scale. Below is a complete list of the best piano teaching books for adults. Alfred’s has a way of breaking things down in a fun and engaging way for kids and in a way where they’re still learning. There are 4 levels of this book. I like this book for kids as it loaded with 30 songs to learn. As you can see, there is a big focus on the theory and technical aspects of piano playing too. I recommend studying the material with a teacher as it becomes more advanced though. The units range from the basics of playing, rhythm, and navigating your way around the instrument. My teacher was smart and would always tell me to keep finishing lessons so I can move on. Grab your copy of the method book at this link. After that, the next two units discuss note values, time signatures, and overall rhythm. This way, even a complete beginner will be able to understand some of the much-needed fundamentals of piano playing. These are truly some awesome benches with storage compartments. Most of the exercises are short four-measure pieces, but by the end of the book, they turn into longer eight-measure pieces. Alfred’s offers students a well-rounded lesson plan with a mix of technique, theory, and lesson. This book is considered the Preparatory level for adults. What is fun and exciting and what seems to be songs that your child will enjoy. Each book has a breakdown of the proper sitting position at the piano. Disclaimer: There may be affiliate links on this page and others. It includes everything from recognizing notes and labeling them as well as clapping rhythms and other areas of reinforcement. Below is a break down of all the units: The opening units focus on hand positions, black keys, and finger numbers. There is also a big focus on intervallic playing (just like the Music Tree books). The back of the book has a nice collection of popular major and minor keys along with fingerings. Check out these great options here. Best Piano Books For Adult Beginners. Everyone knows that a kids attention span is limited when it comes to playing piano, so having a book that they like really helps. There is a lot of guidance in this method compared to others, and much of it is step by step instructions to ensure you don’t get lost. Jazz is vast, so Hal Leonard has included audio recordings to play along with. From chord analysis, how harmonies work, articulations and much more, nothing is left uncovered in this Alfred piano method. The piano prep book is not really a songbook, it is more of a lesson book that teaches important dynamics. It helps to have a book to help develop technique specifically, build strength in the fingers, and improve overall playing ability. Each of the pieces has a unique name that caters to the style of the music. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. Popular songs such as Little Brown Jug and Auld Lang Syne just to name a few. There’s an explanation of measures, bar lines, clefs, and how to count. So I have come up with the top 5 books for intermediate players who want to become master in playing Piano. A lot of parents seem to like this book because their children have fun while learning from it. However, they also make a really great selection of adult teaching books to help develop older pianists. Required fields are marked *. Certain content that appears on comes from Amazon Services LLC. There are theory exercises there too so the adult student can create their own intervals and get a true understanding of what they are playing. Each piece has duet parts written out so that you can improve your rhythm and balance in group playing. This book is written for college use, but if you’re looking for something that gets to the good stuff quickly it’s just for you. The note values are introduced from shortest to longest, so it starts with quarter notes first and then adds in the half note, dotted half, and whole note. There are instructions on how to drop the weight and arm positioning. This piano teaching book focuses on the absolute basics of piano playing so that nothing is left out. I grew up on the Faber Piano Adeventures method book and can vouch for it’s contribution to my... Lang Lang Method.

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