best oil for sapele wood

I compared boiled linseed oil to danish oil and pure tung oil on some smaller pieces of sapele before choosing boiled linseed oil. Thinning is a good idea as it helps the oil saturate the wood’s pores. I've done the Danish Oil + Lacquer finish a few times, not on Sapele though. Digging around the interwebs I think I need to seal the wood, use an oil finish, then a urethane. Remember that using oil … I would start at 1:1, then 2BLO:1Thinner and finish at 3BLO:1Thinner. Dyes impart some color to the finish but do little to block UV rays. #8: John Boos Mystery Oil, made for butcher blocks, countertops and cutting boards. #7: Our exclusive all-in-one cutting board maintenance kit, with mineral oil, wood wax and applicator cloth. • Once damaged, wood fibers separate from the underlying wood, taking the finish with them. I’m an amateur woodworker and do not have much experience finishing. best … I would do a couple coats decreasing the ratio. Jon Peters used Teak Oil … I made a tree swing seat 8.5” x 28” x 2” using Sapele. In general, adding the oil brings a bit more richness to the color, though with Sapaele, you probably don't need it. That would be my approach but adding any amount of oil will help. • Nothing blocks UV rays better than pigments. • Film finishes, especially better-quality ones that flex after curing, best protect wood … I made a dining table with a sapele top and finished the tabletop with three coats of boiled linseed oil on the top, bottom, and sides, and 10 coats of polyurethane on the top with 2 coats on the bottom and sides. #9: …

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