best katana ds3 pve

I’m using this in ng+ at the moment and with the right build it does good damage and that weapon art is just a monster. He loves the katanas for both pve and pvp. And recently I tried the sellsword winblades and boy they dump so much damage I had to retire the katana. Any weapon is good at everything if you like using it enough. Now you can attune both, have a talisman that casts both and compliments many playstyles (can be used effectively on a Pyro/Mir build, or a melee build, etc). I used a magic katana on a int. The Dragonslayer's Greataxe just does incredible damage. Black blade is shortest katana best katana #4. Obviously weapons with low requirements are going to score highly here. Especially good with a SS or spear. But that's just my suggestion. Does extra damage to abyssal enemies which is handy for some tough bosses. Can it deal with great shields? WA can stunlock cheese lots of enemies and some bosses. Does extra damage to hollow enemies which can be helpful. 1 year ago. My favourite pve weapon in ds3 is honestly the bandits knife, the bleed proc is ridiculous. Straight swords have always been great in the Dark Souls franchise, but … Reply Replies (3) 10 +1. I think it might be better to do a top 10 for each combination of stat spread, one for top 10 tools, and one top 10 overall. Got me to try a bandit knife playthrough, after some hiccups early (trees don't bleed!) Go with hollow infused weapons, a hollow infusion with … Do not infuse Blacksteel, they are not made for Infusion. Press J to jump to the feed. You can use bleed weapons with rouge for bosses (dont know how good it is post patch though), and if you … Disgusting levels of damage. Try popping Iron Flesh with a high absorption and high HP build, with The Greatsword or the Cathedral Knight Greatsword or LKGS (weapon doesn't matter that much, just need solid damage at 40 str or so). Iato is a bit better but i just love uchi. Gotthard twinswords, good moveset, costs a little more stamina than the winblades but it has thrusts so Leo ring everyday. The damage output is pretty insane and it covers a wide area. Best faith chime+sunlight spear. 25 Nov 2018 17:16 . At 23 STR 50 DEX you … The Wolf Knight GS is also great for PVE; it sports the reliable GS moveset, has a WA that can poise through a lot and flatten enemies, and it does extra damage to Abyssal creatures (this makes some bosses in TRC a bit easier). Astora's Great Sword: Extremely good damage on a dex build, extremely light poise option, available almost immediately. Moaning Shield + Magic Shield: >100 stability, almost no chip damage from elemental attacks. Range is meh(washing pole lacks basic r1 combo...), damage is meh, moveset is also meh. Almost every boss/mob bleeds, and you can get attacks in when even a straight sword wouldn't be able to. Used it solo against Sulyvahn, did the job fine. The best low- to mid-level PvE weapon is Demon's Great Axe. Which are the best strenght weapon for PvE? Gixen 3 years ago #2. Honourable mention to Friedes Great Scythe. My first build in every souls game has been lightning blade uchigatana, absolutely love that weapon. Sellsword (T)winblades - they have a cool weapon art, are fast and do big damage. Bleed makes some bosses and enemies a joke, for that the Warden Twinblades are one of the best. Sellsword Winblades just make PVE a joke; they can work on multiple builds, but the deadliest is the buffed build. It wrecks everything in PVE. My +10 Bleeding Bandit Knife or +10 Bleeding Uchigatana can pretty much 3 anything up to silver knights, and still quite a few past that. PVP wise the top two are the Frayed Blade and the Washing Pole. I'd go with dex. Damage matters more than range in PVE, and the pure physical AR of the exile rips through enemies. Refined Astora Greatsword helps me out quite a lot when doing PvE, also it's light for an UGS, which is nice. Hyper armour for days, Exile curved great sword was my fucking daddy my first play through, love that thing. Chaos Blade. I've done multiple katana playthroughs and always felt the DPS was decent. You need 23 STR and 50 DEX to powerstance Blacksteel Katana. Well idk about the rest but what I feel is becoming popular is the dark herald CGS. After a little research I learned of their Overpoweredness. Plus with the right build their potential is greatly buffed. Can it deal with mobs? Beating dragonslayer armor with a +9 great scythe at level 70 was harder than beating him at level 41 with +4 ss twinblades. build awhile ago, served me well until I switched to the moonlight sword after Oceiros. Best low-level PvE weapon is DARK HAND. Feb 11, 2018 @ 3:13pm ... Moonlight should be lower, it's split damage, that's generally bad in pve… Wolfknight Greatsword - similar to the HSGS in a lot of ways. A community dedicated to everything about Dark Souls 3. You do what you like. User Info: Gixen. The split damage is garbage for pvp but in pvp it obliterates, SS/Big shield, Sellsword Twinblades, Hollowslayer/Wolf Knight/Black Knight greatswords, Astora GS, Chaos Bed Vestiges. Also how would offhand weapons or something you pull out for different situations to deal with annoying enemies rate? Those are the weapons I've used for pve, otherwise I'm playing as a caster, ive heard good things about the hollow slayer greatsword, it deals 20% more damage to hollow enemys and bosses (which there are enough troughout the game that its allways usefull) you can get it very early by transposing the curse-rotted greatwood, not a weapon but the blessed secondary+sun priestes ring combo is also very nice.

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